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Day Z Launcher turtorial?

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Not finding any on youtube or a manual anywhere, Just bought Arma2 an OA mainly to play day z and want to make sure I do everything correct. the last version turtorials shows verify arma2 an OA it isn't there on this version, verifying them is no longer needed?  I finally discovered OA path is the "Mods/Download Path"

where does one set mod path at in OA? have no addon folder in main section of OA.  I have addon folders in something listed ACR BAF PMC do I set mod path into one of them? Do I make a new folder for mods in main section of OA? steam is on my E drive.

Below is some issues I have which may affect solutions/answers to the above.

Ive already launched arma2 and OA. OA has some issues at launch UAC pops up everytime and culprit is steam client valve. If click play on OA, it gives a popup list of launch options. launch OA, launch OA without BE, install zcech republic which you have to click to launch that game/dlc even though ive already installed it. it asks if I want to uninstall click no, then a yellow colored UAC pops up. allow this to make changes to your device?  "datacachepreprocessor". OA has 1 file missing when verifying game files. tried a host of fixes with no luck. very much hope this will not affect my day z launch an gameplay!

Arma2 has no issues after I verified it and steam reacquired the 1 file which was BE, the UAC popup went away an it now launches normal. OA has BE folder and there is one in my main c drive called BEarma2oa no idea how it ended up there all my games through steam is set to download in my E drive. steam also has 2 files in main drive C, OS windows 10 pro.

oops do not have OA beta installed is it mandatory to install it for a correct working game?? have not installed steam version of day z mod either. I put both in hidden games section in steam.


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don't need oa beta.

run steam as ADMIN. always

run arma2 once to the menu, exit. 

run arma2oa once to the menu, exit.

download dayzmod via steam. You must download it via steam at least once even if you use dayzluancher later.

If you want to play vanilla(-ish) servers:

use steam-arma2-dayzmod and bring up the server browser. do not have ANY extra mods selected

 use dayzlauncher, the default arma2oa path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead

The default path for arma2 is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\ArmA 2

Don't forget to check "launch dayzmod as steam app"


If you want to play on various 'poch servers, then you launch via steam-arma2oa and go into the server browser. you'll need appropriate mods selected

use daylauncher and it can download mods and set params, etc. (DO NOT CHECK launch dayzmod as steam app)





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