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I was watching this video critical of DayZ, and when mentioned I got thinking about the end game, this is what I came up with. Now, I'll just premise this by saying: I'm almost certain some of these ideas have been discussed before in passing and my take on it may or may not be that far removed from the someone else's suggestion but I have quite a particular view, which I will attempt to explain bellow. (that said, I did a few searches and couldn't really find anything that address this quite so specifically or vaguely even)

The video mentioned above hits on a commonly held idea, that DayZ has no end game and I think it's worth some debate. I'm yet to hear a definitive proposal or compelling solution, that isn't either game ending objective state (which this could be) or distorting DayZ into raiding simulator MMO RPG 2045. The game needs a long term broad survival goal that isn't simply not dying and or loosing all your stuff. (don't know how many times I've heard this)


Doomsday or Day Zero:

Rough idea: A literal death clock that ends server progress, kinda i.e a nuclear melt down at a power plant or strike rendering Chernarus completely undead. (feel like you've heard this before, #MeToo) 


Basically, there's a fixed point in the map that has the potential to significantly impact the environment (radiation), should certain conditions be met, whether because of neglected by players or intentionally or unintentional triggered. It could be a nuclear power plant, undetonated nuclear bomb, chemical plant, intercontinental ballistic missile silo, nuclear waste dump etc.. (if say a power plant, it could be used as a source of power, as was my initial idea)

This source of radiation is monitored by Dead Hand monitoring stations across the map. Players are alerted to changes at the site, by several unintrusive means, radio, at the station, etc.. 

Once an incident occurs warnings are issued and a number of effects begin unfold across Chernarus, mainly increased difficulty in surviving. However, I imagine there being several distinct stages \/outlined bellow\/ with increasing severity. I personally think it would be most interesting if surviving became so hindered that only those with radiation gear could survive, dooming fresh spawns unless aided by equipped players; with the intention of creating a true finality to death at this stage of melt down. Beyond this point, the Dead Hand could be triggered dooming the server with a silent count down to demise or the game could shift into a bonus mode also outline bellow or just remain at this critical third stage perpetually. (depending upon server options)

Server Options:

I would prefer that such a system be entirely optional at the server level and fully adjustable, for things like: time intervals, severity and progression. (maybe, the admin doesn't want radiation to be unplayable after a certain point or maybe they do or perhaps you'd want the game state to only progress up-to a certain point)

To be more specific: 
I envision this being a constant in the DayZ world, not an objective to either achieve or prevent once or periodically as a pseudo-raid. It isn't a literal clock that pops up warning of impending doom, it should be subtly implement and unintrusive. This system should also have broad reaching effects on both the player, and environment and so too must the players, and environment impact the state of this system via: player interaction, weather, seasons and zombies.

How does the player know of their impending doom?

There should be several indications, but no intrusive ui elements with an ominous count down. Instead opting for: power shortages/black outs, radio broadcast alerts, environmental radiation hindering survival, rad meters, physical observable damage at the nuclear power plant and on site stations/monitors of melt down progress.  

Game State Progress:
all clear - melt down imminent - various stages of melt down - dead hand

All Clear
Power is on, and no detrimental effects.

Melt Down Imminent
Black outs, radio alerts, air raid sirens, fire or smoke at the plant, and monitoring stations issuing alerts.

Melt Down
Power shuts off completely, updated radio alerts, map wide intermittent sirens, detectable environmental radioactivity, visible damage at the plant, updated monitoring station information.

(The alerts below would signify the severity but the impact of the melt down should progress incrementally between stages, not suddenly at each juncture)
Alert Stage 1' Plant and immediate vicinity deadly without protection. 
Alert Stage 2' Map wide radioactivity severely hindering survival, especially for fresh spawns
Alert Stage 3' Protection from radiation is needed whilst outdoors. Fresh spawns require immediate attention for radiation poisoning (effectively, making death truly permanent, unless assisted by other players) 

Dead Hand
Radiation triggers a silent count down to the cold war era nuclear response deterrents, known as "Dead Hand" Monitoring stations can be disabled or melt down stopped.  


Battle Royal Mode?

Perhaps, this system if allowed to progress could trigger the start of a Battle Royal mode. Foreign military jets and artillery strike monitoring stations to prevent nuclear annihilation. Gas is deployed to kill enemy combatants and destroy zombie threat (perhaps this backfires and increase the zombie threat) Like with other Battle Royals, it's at this point that players are forced together, randomly towards one of a dozens or so monitoring stations for the final freestyle battle to survive the dead hand.

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    • By S3V3N
      I want to share my suggestions for the final blank spot on the map, often called the NATO base. I tried to come up with something that will integrate with Dayz's regular gameplay, yet pose a special challenge for advanced groups and completely suicidal players. This was inspired by the thread about EVRs (known from Namalsk) and if they should have a comeback in Dayz. Even without EVR this is a doable scenario. What do you think? Add your own ideas to the map, if you like. I know it is a long read, but I hope it's an interesting one. Thanks in advance for coming through!
      I always found that the last major area that needs dressing, the NATO base, should pose some unique challenges. I think it should contain an experimental nuclear device/reactor of some kind that oozes radiation and slowly drains your health and lifeforce, but somehow works like candy to the infected. This first idea is to prevent anyone from camping there, but also to impose a time lock on going to the area and escaping alive again. 
      The second idea is that it should be the only place to find a live helicopter, e.g. parked inside one of the old cooling towers. BUT the area needs to be big enough to force the player into a decision: hunt for the helicopter (and some okay loot on the way), or go for the reactor and find some unique parts needed for basebuilding. Of course, bigger groups might decide to split up there and go both ways, so the heli crew could pick up the ones that go looting hardware. There could still be a few more unique places, e.g. for special vehicles over there, e.g. a tank truck, which allows you to refuel the chopper. Adding yet another objective. No matter how large the group, they would have to prioritize one over the other at some point. 
      Another idea is that the area is actually highly dangerous without a map, keycard or dossier that tells you about lock codes and remote disarming of boobie traps and locations of claymores. These could vary from day to day/restart to restart. So, in order to obtain this information you have to kill and search a certain type of zombie first. Ideally, these "information" zombies don't all spawn there, but also at helicopter crash sites or military bases. They should be recognizable, e.g. by wearing a General's Stars (and hat) or similar insignia; they might have a black briefcase chained to their wrist ^^. Players, who find this information could try and contact others over radio or PA (or leave a message pinned to a wall), in order to work together on this problem.
      You could, of course, just try to wing it with one piece of information and hope your luck holds up - but you would have limited access. Going into the origin zone without proper preparation will very likely get you killed. Likewise, the information sheets should degrade over time (per server restart) or decay when a player is shot at. So anything but a headshot, any damage to gear or equipment which has the information sheet inside it would make it unreadable/badly damaged; this is again to encourage cooperation, at least until the point where conflict becomes unavoidable. IT also means you need to protect your guy who carries the information on the way in. Sure, a protective case will help there, but he's still a VIP + acts as your guide through the zone.
      Add to this the occasional ERV storms, which could be announced by pulsating waves of sound and light from the reactor and you have a really fucking scary situation. I guess you can only survive these ERV storms in special led compartments/isolation chambers that are scattered across the area. Once you enter, you would have limited actions available, i.e. can't pull a weapon or shoot inside. This is, so if you enter a room and there is already somebody in it (perhaps 4-6 seats/iso chamber) you would have to talk about what to do with them when the storm subsides. Perhaps some people would be reasonable enough to cooperate. 
      I think this adds some kind of endgame feature to the game, without feeling like a level-up mechanic. Only highly organised and well prepared groups should be able to get a chopper at all. Or to build things at their camp nobody else can. It would also add a huge scare factor to the game, as there are several unique threats apart from massive amounts of zombies in that area. So yeah, I'm all in for those Namalsk like storms, as long as they are tied into a greater (non-intrusive/non-verbal) narrative. Wanna know how shit started falling apart? Go to Nukeland and see for yourself  ;)



      Bigger image:
      I would not say the cause of infection was the meltdown of an experimental reactor. It just happens that this reactor melted down and the infected seem to be attracted to it. Within the radius' marked (+)(+) they are all drawn towards it. But they are also attracted to light, sound, etc.
      Whatever the cause of the infection was, it could have developed after the nuclear accident, as an accelerated mutation of a simple virus or of a potential biological weapon that was set free during the accident. I just basically want a badass zone with crazy shit going on  ;) The explanations should not go deep, just be very visually visceral; leave it to everybody to make up their own story about what happened exactly. This is the stuff for sitting around campfires and telling ghoststories.
      I would not like Hazmat suits in the game, nor would I like any protection against the radiation, except in the form of maybe Potassium Iodide (pills/solution) to be ingested after the raid to help return you to normal health. Whichever way you do it, this zone should get you almost killed, even if you succeed in everything and fly out with the chopper. It would be delicate to balance. It has to be hard as fuck to come out of there alive - and very rewarding. 
      I think the only place where I can imagine a hazmat suit, would be near the reactors inner containment. There could be some kind of air lock that needs someone to walk through in Hazmat and another person to activate it and run the control room. Perhaps it is possible to gather depleted uranium to be used for more effective/deadly machinegun bullets, e.g. for the chopper or base defenses. Why I don't like the suits is, because you will need to hurry up in that area and inside those suits you would get too hot and have limited options to use your gear. Also you would need pressurized air tanks. At least when they are done realistically. 
    • By AP_Norris
      Okay so like in the title this thread is about the development of the dayZ map, I would like to discuss with you the future of the map and possible points of gameplay interest. As many of you may know the North is the main area that has been planned on getting developed. While I think this is great and gives more to do there than loot the NWAF I think it leaves little reason to return to set up in other areas.
      I believe some additions to the coast are needed, possibly islands to give boats a good use compared to the gimmick they were in the mod. A separate landmass, ships anchored offshore rocking slowly in the waves. Oil rigs.
      Here is the river idea, not my favourite but this is what the map is based off from real life.
      Here is my personal favourite, it has a separate landmass. A few islands could be dotted around, the boats and oil rigs if you like those ideas too.
      Maybe you think the additions to the North are enough? Please share with me your opinion.
      I know a lot is already planned, e.g several more large towns. Then one by one the ones we already had will be redone.
      But don't you think to really zest up the map, there needs to be several directions you can go for endgame to diversify the gameplay?
      That there needs to be landmass over water to make boats and helicopters useful?
      I certainly do like Podagorsk and would like to hear opinions on the idea.
      Regards AP_Norris