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    • By ItsHyperion
      Hey everyone,
      To make it short and simple. Every time I launch the game, the game just closes after 10 seconds. I never get any errors. It just disappears. I tried"
      - Reinstalling Steam
      - Verifying the files multiple times 
      - Reinstalling DayZ itself 
      - Restarting/Shutting down my PC
      - Trying to turn ON/OFF windows mode
      I honestly don't know what else to do. Can somebody help? It would mean a lot! 
      - Hyperion
    • By ConzarTV
      I played stress test last night for about 4 hours and I got this idea that would be pretty cool imo. So when you're in PvP your character could enter an adrenaline state where you can sprint for longer distances. But the downfall will be that you hurt yourself but yet again don't feel it due to adrenaline, wear your character down, dehydrate and starve. Then when the adrenaline state wears off you have to spend exceptional amount of time to repair your character. But as a soft skill the longer your character is alive the more immune you come to this and adapt to the PvP environment.