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    • By Clayztobi
      Well more like a terrain suggestion over a vehicle suggestion.. 
      Realistic mud 
      This would be great, cars that are unable to drive everywhere . Trucks could go more so into deeper depths of the wilderness. And bicycles that would have to stay on paths or roads.
      Now this is just a suggestion.. 
      Feel free to let me know what everyone thinks. 
      Oh and DEV's keep at your doing great.
    • By X1S0ld13R1X
      First of all, I don’t know if this can be possible to add but I wanted to share it with the community anyway. I have not found this suggestion before so I decided to posted it, my english is not too good, sorry if you find some mistakes.
      My suggestion is about increase kidnapping experience and more... in the future passengers be able to shoot from inside of a vehicle, but what about if we even could force players to put them in the trunk of the car with a burlap sack on their heads and hands tied?
      As I said, it is to increase kidnapping experience so you can use it to move a kidnapped player further away and kill him in a lost place like mafia, or just bring him with your team if they are looking for him or bring it to your secret base (to talk or execute him), he won’t know where is him exactly and will feel lost.
      It also could serve to increase person capacity cars adding an extra slot, friends will discuss about who have to be in the trunk this time if they do not fit in the seats, it could be fun. The restriction would be If there is a player in the trunk it would take slots from the inventory of the car reducing the capacity.
      This is the basic idea but we can keep improving it and increasing the experience with the next ones:
      1. A kidnaped player in the trunk (with a sack in his head and tied hands) would be nice if he could break the handcuffs while he is inside, if he do it, he will has access to his inventory and he be able to remove the sack from his
      To open the trunk and escape there would be 4 options:
      With a lockpick you could open it silently and jump off, maybe if you have skill you can open it easily and if you don’t it will take more time and you can break the lockpick and passengers could hear it if they are careful. If a player jump off with the car in motion it will hurt him so you can wait until best moment to do it, when it go slow, so you will have to listen the car engine to know the best moment (another option would be if devs add a check outside option where you can open the trunk a bit, for example) With something like a knife or screwdriver, but passengers be able to hear it while you are opening it if they are careful (it also can depend on the skill of player) If you don’t have any object you can kick (for example) the trunk from inside until you break it then you be able to open it, this will be easily heard by the passengers but if they are in danger (people shooting the car) they won’t stop and leave the car to kill you. If last suggestions are not possible to add in game the player just could open the trunk from inside with an option to do it without unlocking it first. 2. Car inventory: it could be divided in different parts like car's glove box, and the rest of places where you can deposit objects in a car, only passengers would have access to this inventory and not the kidnaped one. The aim of this is avoid that a passenger deposit a pistol in the car inventory and the kidnaped person could take it, a possible fix would be that you have to go out of the car and open the trunk to have access to this inventory.
      3. Shoot from trunk:  it will be possible shoot as a passenger from your seat, so would be nice if devs could extend this option to add shooting from trunk when it BE OPEN, this will have 2 uses:
       If you are kidnaped inside of the trunk, you could break the handcuff and got a pistol (maybe took from here, being a lucky guy) you can surprise and kill the kidnapper when he opens the trunk. To escape in the trunk car like films in the last moment while you are killing zombies and shooting enemies that try to kill you and your friends… EDIT: If your group are in a car and you are in the trunk with them, then a enemy car start to chase your car, you can surprise then opening the trunk and shooting them, in this case, the guy in the trunk should be easy to incapacitate if the enemy car start crashing against them, so if the car also has an accident, the guy in the trunk should suffers a strong damage. 4. Another use is if the driver of a car stop in a place and leave the car for some time, you can hide inside of the trunk, travel with the guy and wait there until he open the trunk to kill him or leave in the best moment, it can be useful to infiltrate in an enemy base for example, if he didn’t notice you are there.
      5. I heard about dragging bodies in the future, would be nice if you could put the corpse in the trunk, there are servers with a list of wanted people and rewards if you hunt them, so this could be a way to bring them the corpses, you also can save the body of your dead friend and leave it in a graveyard…  It would be exciting to open a trunk and find a corpse inside!
      6. Even you could use it to hide yourself from a horde of zombies or if there are a lot of them and you don’t have a better place, hear them walking and moaning while you are waiting/trapped inside... I’m sure it would be very exciting.
      7. Zombies be able to break the doors so would be nice to extend this option to the trunks and zombies could break it if they notice that you are inside, maybe if you are kicking it from inside and doing a lot of noise, the aim is avoid that players can use the trunk to save their lifes like when you close the door in a house
      8. Other use about this mechanic would be drag an unconscious / incapacitated teammate and put him there in an emergency situation to drive him to a hospital / safer location for example.
      This concept has a wide variety of uses like I mentioned, not kidnapping only, much more!
      I think it would improve the experience in DayZ making it a bit more exciting, I hope you like the concept but maybe it's a bit hard to develop anyway I will leave all ideas here about this, maybe modders will be interested at the future. What do you think?
    • By MorphineBP
      Hey guys,
      As you know the collision system related to vehicle is currently very frustrating. Your vehicle can be easily blocked on some stone wall, trees, rocks... or worse. Not necessarily damaged ! Just stucked on something.
      You've added a debug feature to destroy vecs. What would be good is adding also a similar feature allowing player to push any vehicle. By that I mean moving the vec just a few meters away, in order to unblock/unbug it. 
      I don't think this is something difficult to add. And it's something already existing on similar games. A way to help player going around stupid collision situation.
      Nothing more frustrating than abandoning a pristine vec just because of some random collision bug.
      What do you think about that ?
      It would make all the vehicle gameplay a little less broken.