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    • By Jonnierambo88
      had a lot of footage left over and decided to make a wee montage!

    • By SpeciialT0AST
      Hey so I have a little channel and I made a montage of me in firefights, shootouts, and just stuff like that. If you want to go check it out here's the video! Hope you enjoy because I worked really hard on it!  :)



      Like I said in my other post, not trying to self advertise. Just made a funny video that my friends liked and I thought maybe some other people might like it too.  :beans:

    • By dayzzsyd
      Met some friendly people in this episode and watch till the end to see why you do not build a fire in the middle of a road. Even if its outwest!
      Did feel good dishing it out for a change instead of being the one on the receiving end as usual :)
      But I suppose this makes me a bannnddiittt lol
      Myself and elusive will be doing a pure hero episode soon to mix it up a bit.
      Hope you enjoy