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I have wanted to do this for so long

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    • By Clayztobi
      Well more like a terrain suggestion over a vehicle suggestion.. 
      Realistic mud 
      This would be great, cars that are unable to drive everywhere . Trucks could go more so into deeper depths of the wilderness. And bicycles that would have to stay on paths or roads.
      Now this is just a suggestion.. 
      Feel free to let me know what everyone thinks. 
      Oh and DEV's keep at your doing great.
    • By NeuroEuro
      How about a fan made DayZ Beta Trailer enjoy :)
    • By CallMehTOMMEH
      Hey guys,
      I wrote extensively about this in the description of my video, but I basically made this as a sort of hype-without-showing-unfinished-gameplay video. A lot of people have already uploaded stress test/offline mode gunplay and animations, but I felt I'd rather take advantage of the spectator camera in the more illicit modded singleplayer version that was recently released. With that being said, there are map spoilers and areas that are potentially under heavy work in progress, so keep that in mind if you watch!