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New global update

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Hi, I suggest a global update that it needs? Let's go:

1. Add more buildings where you can go in and find things to take buildings from dayzero, where many buildings did the interior and improve them. This is a great empowerment and diversity in the search.

2. The clothing system as in originsmod, Yes it would be just the perfect variety which will have more functionality.

3. Improve medicine and disease in originsmod, the desired functionality for the theme of survival.

4. Mechanics of repair of originsmod for gathering and transportation, its value will increase significantly.

5. Cars textures to make a more old and rust a little, and a couple of cars to enter would be well under the theme of the course.

6. Increase in cities with paragraph 1.

7. The fog from the braking point of Arma 2, atmospheric piece.

8. Vapor when you breath in cold weather.

9. The limit in weight for the rig.

10. More weapons and better model, unfortunately this model mosinka not very high quality. There is a better model.

11. The opportunity to surrender, with this command, another player can pick up all the things not killed or leaving the faint player, I hope this will give more types of play things for the sake and survival. Need appropriate animations.

12. To return radio messages on green mountain, having the radio at night on the green mountain will be a message that was removed from the game for a very long time, this part of the world of fashion, and the highlight of the intrigue about the beginning of the disaster.

13. If possible with leg injuries to introduce animation to limp.

14. Block for a high range of brightness. Night should be night.

15. The helicopter for it requires special fuel, not regular gasoline. The presence of such airfields, and military bases.

16. Change the mechanics of throwing items and grenades from ACEmod, the native system is awful.

17. Continue to develop the mechanics of modular weapons. I believe such changes are necessary fashion, it will give new life to fashion and will make waiting more pleasant individual games will arouse interest in buying a separate game after game in an updated fashion.

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Now this is going to look like I'm burying this guy, but bear with me, there are a few points towards the end that I agree with.


1. Yea, it's just as simple as that. Just add new buildings. It's not like we're talking about a few hundred man-hours at the very least.

2. The clothing system is fine. Making it more complex isn't what's needed in an already glitch-prone mod on a glitch-prone engine.

3. What else do you need? You got blood loss, broken bones, unconsciousness and blood bagging, all in the game already. Again, you don't need to add complexity to an already glitch-prone system.

If you got any particular ideas, though, feel free to elaborate.

4. Vehicle repair seems completely fine as it is, I don't see how you could realistically improve that.

5-10. Arma 2 is an old game. For what it is, the graphics are great. We don't need better graphics, especially useless little things like that to hog the hardware. Your rig might handle it, mine sure as hell can't. Many people already play at 15fps. 

11. Yeah, that exists. It's called putting your weapons down and coming out from your hiding spot, then giving in to the slightest whim of the person who shot at you so he'd spare you. There should not be a mechanic that would somehow FORCE me to spare a player. If I want you dead and I'm on top of the situation, you die. Simple as that.

12. Please... this adds next to nothing to the actual game.

13. With leg injuries you crawl. Until you get a splint or some morph. Again, why should that stuff be more complicated than that?

14. Night already is night. People constantly complain that it's too dark. The night is fine. What bothers me is how during the day the screen can randomly go almost black so you can barely see anything. But that's probably an engine issue, not something with the mod or the base game.

15. This is the one point that kinda does make sense. This would make refueling a heli a risky operation, you'd need people to guard you while you do it. However, in this case there should also be a faster way to go about refueling a heli. I'd say the whole deal is just not worth the effort, but if it's not as difficult to implement as I think it'd be, I'd be okay with this.

16. Yes, the throwing mechanic sucks. I don't know how difficult or legal it is to implement another mod's throwing mechanic, however. If it's legal, simple and a significant improvement, sure.

17. I only have minor issues with weapon modularity at this point. Mainly ACOGs on any guns that can already take the CCO or Holo and we're golden. Also the 5.56mm silencer for the M16A4 would be great, maybe I'd actually start using silenced guns. Also, maybe the flashlight should attach to pretty much every weapon, since really you could just tape it on as many soldiers do. I don't know what kind of work the attachment system requires, however, and if those things are hard to implement, I can live without them. Except for that ACOG thing. M240 ACOG would be the sweetest thing, you could actually see the enemy 900m away that you're shooting at, and where the bullets land. I love me the M240 and putting an ACOG on it would be a gift from the heavens. Also I guess the average sniper crowd would like the M14 and FAL more (if FAL doesn't already take ACOG, I'm not quite sure, haven't used them in a while since I've had enough machineguns). If it's something like a model is needed, I'd have more motivation for that than I have for that scoped Lee I talked about in another thread.


One very interesting idea that I just came up with, regarding modularity, which wouldn't even require any new models at all, would be switching out the upper receivers and/or barrels on the M4/M16 series of rifles. Basically you could take the upper receiver of an M16 (either one), a lower receiver of an M4, put them together and have a full-auto M16 and an M4 that only has semi-and burst firing modes. It would be a kinda cool thing, I guess, without the work of creating or looking for any new models or textures (other than inventory pictures for the items. The 3d models could be the regular green bags you have for a lot of stuff). Another benefit of this would be that you could pull the upper and lower apart and this way it would take less inventory space. Also you could store the M16/M4 series weapons in the inventory slots in your tents/stashes.

The viability of this idea depends solely on how much effort it would take to make duplicates of ALL M16 and M4 attachment combinations and switch their firing modes. And given the aforementioned advantage this would give to this weapon series, such a thing would have to be done to a few other weapons as well, I suppose. Though I can't really think of anything that you essentially pull in half like the AR-15 platform. A stripped AK, for instance, takes as much space in real life as a fully assembled one.


Anyways I've gone off on a tangent here, I think this idea needs refining and then its own thread. I'll see to that. Point is, I'm all for more modularity, but I'm aware that depending on how the modularity system is built, it could be a very work-intensive process to add new attachments like that. Or it could be as simple as a bit of copypasta, changing some numbers and names here and there assuming you have all the models and textures. But it probably isn't.

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I agree on #1. IMO, after that, you need to think gameplay. New cars? Different attachments? limping? None of that really affects gameplay. Changes in the last few releases like vehicle spawn inventory, trees falling when wood chopped, base building, even putting a single backpack in a stash. They all impact the gameplay somehow. Those are the kinds of things that we need more of.

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Friends, sorry if not clear write. I use a translator. Unfortunately do not know English. I just outlined what I wanted in the development of the fashion, and read hope for the realization of at least a couple of things. I want to mod was steeper, harder, and wider than right now. If you compare what was in the 12 and 14 year the mod was very good, but I'm haunted by what's not good OriginsMod in some aspects of the technological and real mechanics. But also there, and much of that unnecessary fashion. And I want to our first and favorite mod was perfect in many ways than right now than others. Thank you for your replies and opinions, very nice to discuss with you favorite game.

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