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DayZ Reflects On The Past, Looks To The Future

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As 2015 draws to a close and we approach the two year milestone of DayZ in the Steam Early Access program, the DayZ development team would like to show our deep appreciation to those who have joined us on the journey of this landmark title.


We more than anyone understand the frustrations and difficulties that come with participating in the public development of a game. As the team marches along with the new Enfusion engine development, we with our community have weathered broken or missing features, near game-breaking bugs, general growing pains, cheating issues and more. We’ve also experienced exciting landmarks and vital improvements alongside them.


We count ourselves lucky to have one of the most passionate, dedicated gaming communities sticking by us through the good and bad, aiding the team in making massive gains and advancements we might never have been able to accomplish without Early Access and those who have participated in it. With our goal set for a 2016 release from Early Access and the coming 1.0 of DayZ, lets take a quick look at what we have ahead of us:

  • Steam Workshop support (Modding)
  • Base Building
  • Aerial Vehicles
  • New Renderer
  • New robust Animation System
  • Enhanced Audio System support
  • Predators
  • Finalized Chernarus +
  • Animal Companions
  • New more modern UI & Inventory
  • Public Server Binaries & Servlet/Database Release
  • New User Actions & Fluid movement within the game world

And that’s only the beginning.


The entire DayZ team is exceptionally excited about the coming year. We look forward to building this world with our growing community, seeing even more amazing stories play out and sharing landmark moments with everyone that has made this game what it is so far. We thank you, and to everyone who has joined us along the way on our march to DayZ’s ultimate release - this wouldn’t be possible without every one of you.


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