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[Epoch1.0.5.1] The Last Refugium Napf (Overpoch), Takistan (Overpoch), Taviana (Overpochins) & Chernobyl (Overpochins) PVE Survival Server

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I want to introduce you to our Dayz Overpoch PVE Servers.


warnings first:

if you like the overpoch easy loot stuff, then this server is probably not for you ;)

this server is more survival orientated.

also check out our forum lastrefugium.enjin.com


first is our napf (epoch1.0.5.1, overwatch0.25) server:



our takistan (epoch1.0.5.1, overwatch0.25) server:



our  taviana (epoch1.0.5.1, origins1.8.3, namalsk0.75, overwatch0.25) server:



here is a guide on how to join this server:



we have a new server now:

this server uses overwatch0.25, namalsk0.75, origins1.8.3, epoch1.0.5.1 and chernobylzone0.40 as the map.



here is a guide on how to join this server:



some mods we have on the server (lots more, but cant list them all):

AI patrols (on foot, in cars and helis)

AI is skilled! so beware.

harder zeds.

dr. ivan (harder damage and harder to kill zed) on all 4 servers!

wild dog groups (hostile)

ranger class (can make gardenplots, set beartraps, has his own traders etc.)

hero, bandit & ranger level system

group management

lots of custom map additions

customized missions (hero, bandit, neutral, convoi & delivery missions)

special missions (for the experienced players, with good loot, random mission picked each restart)

secret special mission in a hidden cave with special loot, has to be found trough hints

random and customized supply events (supply crates with markers, heli crashes, city crashes, camps in the woods, custom veins and ammocrates)

admin events (hidden cache, pvp events in randomly generated mazes, rally track)

fast building, vector building, snap pro (sandbags etc. are only removable by their owners)

findable and deployable mg backpacks

surveillance cams/ CCTV

virtual garage


no single currency bullshit

auction house

config traders with fast trading and trade from backpack

crafting with gems

masterkey, claim vehicles (with hotwirekit),, locate your vehicles

deploy bike, evac heli

lift, tow, load in

service stations (only buildable, and for rearming your vehicles only)

paint vehicles

take clothes

self bloodbg

weed as medicine, can also be smoked, sold at black market

drink from wells and ponds


take a second weapon on your back (also saved in the database)


smelt ore in lockbox

lots of standard epoch scripts are changed:

gathering meat from animals is harder

veins and ammocrates have different outputs

tools have a chance to break when used (like on bury or eat body)

custom eating and drinking system (one can doesnt restore everything)

custom fishing script

unload crates script has been tweaked


also some influence from dayz mod:

playerjournal and craftingmenu when pressing insert button

loot has been lowered, no overpoch bullshit

loottable has been altered heavily

dayz style playergui

dayz style achievements system

origins specific mods:

smelt ore in furnace

redesign lots of vehicles (origins textures)

upgrade origins vehicles (incl. 182 suv and 183 military offroad)

weapon upgrades on most weapons (also origins and overwatch weapon), but still wip, as I add new weapons all the time

wepon upgrades are now real attachments (added from origins 183)

all origins buildings are buildable and working (building depends on your humanity and the correct blueprint) (incl. new 183 buildables like the monuments)

also new sheds like crane, mixer, furnace, tents etc.

origins clothings (all!)

working sleepingbag


we also have a forum (lastrefugium.enjin.com), where you can leave feedback etc.


we would like to see some new players who enjoy the experience of dayz and epoch,

again: if you like the overpoch easy loot stuff, then this server is probably not for you ;)

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