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DAST - DayZ Admin Server Tools

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  1. 1. Do you like the application?

    • Yeah, a lot! I've been waiting for this kind of application!
    • I like it.
    • I am not sure..
    • Nope. I don't like this app!
  2. 2. Would you support application development?

    • Yeah, I definetly would. I could even make donation for it's devs.
    • Yes! I would like to see it completed.
    • I don't care..
    • Nope! I hate this application.
  3. 3. What are your favourite features?

    • Banlists
    • Log processing, easy log searching, hackers tracking, etc.
    • Server statistics
    • Player database, per-player informations
    • Admin tools

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DAST - DayZ Admin Server Tools


Hello, community!
Today, I am here to present you our new web application for all server admins, that we have been developing for some time now - DAST. DAST stands for DayZ Admin Server Tools as you might have noticed. This application is not downloadable and can be used with internet connection only. Below you can find links to the application. This application will provide all tools, which would server admin need while managing the server. Application is in English language and available for everyone who creates an account there and is completly free to use.

DAST - ApplicationDAST - Forums

Our goal is to provide best admin tools for every DayZ server admin and help all admins to ease their server management. We are server admins aswell so we are really trying to make our system intuitive and easy to use for everyone, while still leaving enough space for complex system and functionalities and features.
Application will be in development for 3 months now and is in beta version (0.1.11). We are working hard to implement new functions and repair existing problems with functionalities. We are open to all suggestions for new possibilities, functionalities/features, improvements and changes on our forums. We appreciate all user's feedback - how do you enjoy the app, what do you miss, what would you need, what should work in different way, etc. User's are helping us make this system the best from the best.
Implemented Features
Below you can see which features are now implemented and which you can start using immediately ;)
You can create and manage your own player banlists for your servers. If you already have for example excel file with all your bans on your server, with reasons, etc. you can easily import them to our system by CSV. Then you can export your banlists to form which your server understands from the app. Access for other users to your banlist is possible of course - you can either add users by their identifier or give them invite code to permission group in your banlist and they can join on their own. This also includes complete permissions system for all users, where you can set, what users can or can not do in your banlist.
You can share bans from other banlists, (later, you will be able to share even whole banlists). You can set banlist as public and show all players on your servers that you don't like hackers, glitchers and rule-breakers :) Bans can be either permanent or you can specify "until date" - ban will be automatically disabled in that time and will be exported with unix "until timestamp".

Newly created bans, or newly shared bans or banlists into banlists with approval set up can be approved in 3 different ways. By any admin or mod (related to banlist permission settings), by banlist owner only, or by admin or mod voting (agan related to banlist permission settings). You can set your own percentage value when using group approval.

CreateView.thumb.png ExportView-GUID.thumb.png ExportView-STEAMID.thumb.png ListView.thumb.png PublicView.thumb.png
Make list of your servers in the application and then use your banlists for them. This step (creation of at least one server) is required before you can create any ban in the system (bans have to be related to server). Later, servers will be used to generate it's statistics from server logs.
You can use our database of players and search for players by GUID or by STEAM ID. Player's system profile will show if there exists any ban records in DAST application, few player details and admin's discussion aswell (not implemented yet).
Planned Features
Check some features we are working on :)
Server logs processing
We are working on log processor feature for servers. Users will upload log file (application does not access logs itself, they must be uploaded by users). properly downloaded from their server by it's administration. Application will be able to process the log file and create log records then, you will be able to easily search for records in processed logs database.
Statistics are related to logs processor developement. When those things are finished, you will be able to create custom statistics from the data. We are planning a lot of types of statistics from server logs, but this feature has low priority right now.
Player features
Admin discussion feature is in progress on player view page. And few detailed player thingies.
Useful tools
We are currently working on bulk GUID to STEAMID and STEAMID to GUID converter.
Thank you for your interest in this project. Feel free to register in our application and try using our system. We hope it helps you!
If you think of anything you would like to see implemented, don't hesitate and suggest changes on our forums.
If you have ANY questions feel free to ask right now!


application developer

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Feature Updates
Hello guys!


New feature

Whole banlists are now available to be shared into other banlists. While exporting banlists with shared banlists, aplication automatiacally includes other shared banlists and bans connected.


New feature

New bans created (or new bans or banlists shared into there banlists) in banlists with settings forcing application to firstly let approve these objects are now available to approve. These objects can be approved by:

  • Any admin/mod (depends on banlist's settings)
  • Banlist owner only
  • By group approval (admins voting - again depends on banlist's settings)


Extended feature

Player view has been extended with aditional informations about bans related to searched player.



Features are implemented and being tested right now!

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