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Changelog Stable - 0.58.129143

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- Chambering animations.
- Jerrycan drink and emptying.
- New improvised torch model.
- SVD chambering animation.
- 3 variants of Canvas Pants to Default Character options.
- Animations for player catching rain into a pot.
- Animations for consuming tablets in prone and erected stances.
- Oil barrel.
- Nurses Dress.
- SSh68 Helmet.
- Car Tent.
- USMC pants.
- GP5 gasmask.
- Glow plug.
- Basic models of Picea Abies trees.
- Pouring water into barrel.
- New steering pose for V3S .
- Crossbow Holosight.
- Lighting torch using handrill.
- Lab Coat.
- Door slamming sound for V3S.
- Wheel (spare) for V3S and tire repair kits.
- Torch can be extinguished with liquid.
- Truck battery.
- Drinking added to domestic herbivores life cycle.
- Random items to spawn in fridge world container.
- Tripwire model.





- Universal light can be attached to UMP45.
- New Berezino (upper part).
- Tisy updated.
- Chernogorsk roads is broken now.
- Wooden timbers and wooden piles is in.
- ItemSize of BurlapSack and BurlapStrips.
- Torch can be ignited also on ground.





- Dynamic events are not respawning.
- Excessive amount of military loot is spawning in military/evacuation camps.
- Anti-teleportation protection now takes into account higher possible speeds. Solves rubberbanding of high-speed cars.
- Animals fly over Chernarus and eventually teleport.
- Switching "weapon" to "magazine" via quickbar makes "false duplicate".
- Zombies slide when deciding whether to aggro on player or not.
- Player gets stuck when leaving V3S shortly after the server was launched.
- Arrows shot into a tree crashes the client if tampered with.
- Unable to remove items from "in hands" slot.
- Swapping items by drag and drop makes false duplicate in the inventory.
- When using rounds and firing the last one, 0 quantity round remains in the weapon.
- When swapping 1h item with a 2h item the 1h item disappears.
- Player can manipulate/loot inventory of 2nd player after he/she wakes up from unconsciousness.
- When crafting something with full inventory, result is not visible.
- Switching weapons when entering water / ladder makes weapon disappear, hand slot stuck and creates false duplicate.
- Security cage around ladders.
- Unable to take magazines into hands via quickbar.
- Disabled the issue where player was able to swing 2H weapon while sprinting. This should be no longer possible.
- Raincoats and armbands are now repairable with a sewing kit.
- Some vests, jackets, hoodies, hats and shoes were not repairable with (leather) sewing kit.
- Fireplace can be moved from inventory to vicinity and vice-versa.
- AK muzzle and bayonet attachments can't be attached at the same time.
- Not possible to place multiple fireplaces into one spot.
- Suppressor position for AKS74U.
- Tanned leather is now repairable with a leather sewing kit.
- Changed recoil for izh18.
- Tanned leather is now impossible to craft from ruined components.
- Nail box needs to be in the inventory in order to be unpackable.
- Skater helmet, gorka helmet and firefighter helmet should not allow masks to be worn at the same time anymore.
- Damaged/destruct materials for numerous items.
- Damaged states for Hatchet.
- ItemSize of HikingJacket and TacticalShirt.
- Extending neck during getting in to a cargo position on V3S.
- The player can now rotate during vault animation.
- Disabled aiming in vomiting animation, which was causing a clipping glitch when activated.
- Suicide with a rifle: Player now can disarm without getting stuck in the animation.
- Removed duplicate spawn location for fridge.
- Player is able to see through the black screen by pressing escape during respawn/countdown timer.
- Ammunition type in UMP45 25rnd magazine.
- Bark stack size.
- Hand drill torch ignition.
- Create sound trap with cans.
- Bleaching allowed for white tshirts and armbands only.
- Damage states for WaterProofBag.
- Unable to reload full magazines of different types.
- Police cars disappear very shortly after spawning.
- Cannabis buds cooking states should be fixed now.
- Melee suicide gesture returning to an armed state without a weapon in hand. Fixed by changing the gesture destination to unarmed.
- Attachments - Camera moves with zoomed in optics when changing stances.
- Torch cannot be ignited inside inventory.
- broken quickbar when spamming it with many requests from and to hands.
- Torch cannot be ignited multiple times during igniting animation.
- Fixed the neck stretching during sitting reloads.





- All nervous, grazing, and walking poses tweaked for new roe deer skeleton.
- Spawn location for fridge to prevent levitation.
- Additional transitions to running for multiple skeletons.
- Recoil tweak for AK74, AK101, AKM.
- Tweaks to CLE for several different structures.
- Player can wring clothes/bags only when their cargo is empty.




Known Issues:

  • Door States are currently experiencing issues. In these situations, sometimes players can hear the sounds of doors opening/closing that might not actually be being interacted with.
  • Cooked Meat can in some cases cause survivors to become ill.
  • Server / Client position tracking improvements are still being worked on. In some cases, desynchronization of this information can occur and server/client or client/client disagreements will happen.
  • While the long running animation state problem of survivors constantly shouldering weapons seems to have been slain, we still have some edge cases where odd animation state behavior can be observed.
  • There are a few low repro server crashes still present, the frequency of these are fairly low and investigation on repro steps is ongoing.
  • Passenger Vehicle Position desynchronization is still below acceptable, and is slated for priority work on 0.59.
  • In some cases, while manipulating your inventory or crafting certain items a "false duplicate" item can be created. While this issue is currently under investigation, players can mitigate this by logging out and back in.
  • In some situations, all clients involved in a gunfight will not receive all proper gunshot sounds. This is currently being investigated.
  • Player camps of large size may experience issues interacting with and manipulating items. Survivors are encouraged to spread out camps of large size (2+ tents) until this issue is resolved.

Edit: Character gestures removed.

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