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Changelog Stable - 0.57.128177

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Hey guys,
I wanted to say we are deeply sorry for the misunderstanding created here. We are also sorry for not being on point with changelog, as the changes in the process of creation of it got mixed up and the community wasnt credited at start, as Smoss was the poster here, and is not responsible for it conception. The mistake is made and I want to believe we can bring more power to it in the future.
With the changelogs for next versions, we will use the combination of SVN comments, DB loot setup data, renders and more to create more viable alternative to get insight into what has changed over time. Since there is system in place to change and tweak item spawns in real time there will be an ongoing effort to include these changes as they happen.
Eugen Harton


A big thanks goes out to the community for the creation of the changelog! If anyone was ever in doubt, your feedback and support for DayZ is immensely valuable for the development!


As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker: http://feedback.dayzgame.com



New items:
-7.62x54mmR Rounds (new texture)
-Butane Canister
-City maps (re-added)
-Fish net trap
    -Fox pelt
-Hand drill kit
-Hunting jacket (Autumn, Winter, Summer, Spring, Brown)
-Hunting scope
-New ice hockey stick
-Improvised rope
-Izh 18 Rifle
    -Sawed off Izh 18 Rifle
-Kashtan C-1 scope
-Long wooden stick (replaces Ashwood Stick)
-Meat tenderizer
-Medical scrubs (Blue, Green)
-Mess tin
-Oil barrel (Blue, Green)
-Pistol scope
-Pumpkin slices
-Red 9
    -Red 9 buttstock
    -10 round magazine (9mm)
-SP-6 rounds (9x39mm)
    -SVD 10 round magazine
-Tripwire (not yet functional)
    -25 round UMP45 magazine
-VSS Vintorez
    -10 round VSS magazine
-Winchester Model 70 Alaskan
-New school building
-New road barrier objects and structures

New mechanics:
-Infected can now have their legs broken
-Infected will crawl when they have broken legs
-Player limbs can now be "bumped" and "chipped" before becoming fractured or broken
-Putting something in your hands now removes it from that slot in inventory
-Inventory system has been remade; putting something in your inventory will place it on the top, the second equipment below it and so forth
-Rebalancing of infected damage threshold
-Meat, fruit, and vegetables are now able to be skewered and cooked over a fire
    -Meat becomes cooked (and eventually burnt)
    -Fruit and vegetables become dried
-Propane canisters now have a percentage
-LongHorn is now able to be used without a scope
-Crossbow holosight can now be placed on the LongHorn
-Placing a lit fireplace in your inventory will set the player on fire
-Fireplaces can now be lit using a Hand Drill Kit
-Pumpkins can now be cut into pumpkin slices
-Mixing water and disinfectant now creates a pesticide usable on plants
-Various new actions with the Oil Barrel
    -Combining guts and plant material in a barrel creates fertilizer       
    -A barrel with water is now required to tan pelts into leather
        -Clothing made of cloth or leather can now be dyed using natural supplies (bark, berries)
-Armbands can now be created from Rags
-Long wooden sticks have now replaced Ashwood Sticks and changed properties    
    -These can be put on your back like a melee weapon
        -They are pre-sharpened and can be used to cook meat or fruits/vegetables over a fire
        -A knife can be used to cut one of these from a tree, and they can be broken down into 3 Wooden Sticks
-Items in the environment (not in someone's inventory) can now become damaged
-Compass now shows direction from within the item hotbar
-Can no longer exploit the FoV whilst zoomed in (FoV doesn't change when looking through a scope)
-Changes to the 3PP camera mode
-Improvised Rope can now be crafted from stacks of Rags
-Earthworms can now be obtained by digging the ground with any type of Knife
-A stone oven Fireplace now requires 8 full-sized Stones
-Torch can be crafted using a Wooden Stick and a rag
    -Option to add resin by interacting with a tree with the Torch in your hands
-Fish Net Trap can be crafted using Metal wire and Netting
-Guard houses are now enterable
-Transformer vaults are now enterable

New animations:
-Carrying a barrel
-New animal animations (eg. sitting)

New locations:
-Hillside Village near Kamensk

Updated locations:
-Chernogorsk (new school building)
-Elektrozavodsk (new school building)
-International Airfield (NWAF)
-Military Base (Kamensk) (underground areas removed)
-Novaya Petrovka (new school building)
-Settlement near Sinistok (updated w/ pond)
-Severograd (new school building)
-Stary Sobor (Evacuation Site added)
-Zelenogorsk (new school building)
-Road barriers scattered around streets and roads around Chernarus

-Central Loot Economy re-implemented
-New inventory back-end
-Redistribution of infected spawns (to high-population areas)
        -Total number of infected per map increased from 1100 to 1240
-Skalisty Island added as a spawn point

-Fixes to Infected movement
-Pumpkins into hands bug
-Lower body disappearing after rolling on the ground
-Rubber arms when throwing items
-Animations of "making a garden plot" and "digging tile" missing or just glitching
-Landmine bug when taken into hands
-V3S occupant sitting behind the cabin
-Sick status from infected wound incurable
-Tree collisions obstructing path of V3S
-Several duping methods fixed
-Bug causing character to be Starving and Dehydrated upon login
-Sewing kits making items pristine
-Suicide animation speeds up search for apples, berries, etc.
-Crosshair disappears, tracks weapon sway
-Item in Plate Carrier with Pouches and Gun Holster disappears while switching it with another item
-Complete Plate Carrier set - inventory not sortable or moveable inside
-Putting bayonet on M4A1 with improvised silencer
-Adding holster to platecarrier+pouches removed inventory of vest
-Chemlight can be used to ignite fireplace
-Chemlight equips like a flashlight
-Cannot produce redacted seeds (cut out seeds) from plants
-Failing to light a fireplace due to lack of safety uses up a single match
-Fish cannot be cooked in campfire/stove
-Invisible fireplace upon relogging
-Plate carrier pouches cannot be repaired
-Skinning chickens no longer produces feathers
-Trigger sound of weapons can be heard over 200 meters
-Door cannot be closed
-Bugfixing on per-item quantity control (Central Loot Economy)
-Desync improved
-Improvised Ashwood Short Bow bugged
-Blaze is getting ruined quickly
-Pistol suppressor on CR75 does not sit in correct spot
-JoeyX sunglasses spawning again
-Bolts Quiver spawning again
-12 Gauge Slug shells are spawning again
-Ballistic Helmet and Gas Mask can be equipped together again
-Spinal fractures should be fixed now
-Green Paramedic Pants and Paramedic Jacket are spawning again
-Painting a gun will "lock" up gun in inventory and magazine detaches itself and disappear
-Logging out/in with a weapon in your hand makes it immovable
-Small Lake north of Polesovo bugged
-V3S drives without wheels
-Can't get into V3S
-Struggling to swim over new trench to Prison Island (invisible wall)
-Zombies dont see through chain link fences
-Items in hands get moved to inventory when character starts to swim
-Invisible food
-Batteries not discharging
-3PP camera clipping issues
-Attachment optics cannot be used as stand alone pieces for zooming

Known issues:
-Dynamic events spawning at the same locations
-Server crash issues
-Client crashes when disconnecting/shutting down game
-Character drops weapon when vaulting while double carrying guns
-Axe disappears when chopping down trees
-V3S launching off ground when hitting Infected/players




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