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Changelog Stable - 0.55.127157

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As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker: http://feedback.dayzgame.com


New Items:

-Bear Trap


-.308 Ammo

-Oak bark

-Birch bark

-Chainsaw readded


New Mechanics:

-New Zombie AI (combat/roaming behaviour)

-Horticulture Update

-Cooking Update (visual cooking states)


-New Animal AI

-Central economy

-Fireplace Update

-New Icons

-Player control changes

-New Crosshair


-Increased Zombie Count

-Changed Zombie Spawns

-New idle animations (main menu)

-New UI (main menu) (use -newui switch to try it out)

-Forced Persistence

-Weapon rebalancing

-Zombie Rebalancing


New Animations:

-Lot of new animal animations

-Total rework of Zombie animations


New Locations:

-New camps



-Road improvements

-Grassland improvements



-New Sensors

-New Zombie Controller

-New Zombie Physics

-Noise system



-Vehicle bugfixing

-Zombie bugfixing

-Animal bugfixing

-and a lot more!


Known issues:

-Visual bugs in zombie animations

-Sound issues with zombies

-A rare server crash

-Items not spawning at proper places



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