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Changelog Stable - 0.53.126384

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As always, we will be watching server data, and the feedback tracker for any potential severe issues and will address them accordingly with a hot fix. For any bugs/issues you run into, please let us know by filing it on the feedback tracker: http://feedback.dayzgame.com

New items:
- Crafted Leather Jacket, Pants, Backpack, Shoes and Vest
- Broom
- Canoe paddle
- Lead pipe
- Steak knife
- Hatchet
- Hay Hook
- Flanged Mace
- Red, green, blue and gray sweater
- Red, green, blue, yellow, violet, orange and black quilted jackets
- Blue, red, pink and black raincoat
- Yellow, orange, blue, green, red, pink and black armband
- Khaki, Black, Olive and Tan M65 Jacket
- Bayonet for AKs
- Flare gun
- Ice Axe
- Field Shovel
- Lug Wrench

New mechanics:
- Handheld scopes not limited in Y axis.
- You can use rope, duct tape or wire for restraining other players.
- You can use blades, pliers, hacksaw and lock pick to untie players.
- You can craft armbands by shredding raincoats.
- You can use cooking tripod as melee.
- You can attach cooking tripod on fireplace.
- You can pour water, gasoline or disinfectant into any kind of container (except soda cans).
- You can pour liquids from container to container.
- You can tan skin using lime.
- You can upgrade fireplace to furnace.
- You can use Ice Axe for stone picking.
- You can sew Leather Jacket, Vest, Pants, Shoes, Hat and Sack from Tanned Leather with Leather Sewing Kit.
- Construct fireplace states by attachments.
- Fireplace consuming fuels (heating/cooling fireplace temperature).
- Heat transfer from heated items (you can heat items in a fireplace and then bring them with you to keep you warm).
- You can find worms when digging garden plot.
- Planting in garden plot is less effective in comparison to greenhouse.
- Zucchini plant, seeds and its growing process.

New animations + audio:
- Flare gun hand pose & reload animation
- Water pump water pouring
- Supersonic crack sound for weapons with supersonic ammo
- Bullet fly wizz
- Melee weapons sounds
- Flare gun sounds

New locations:
- Terra incognita
- Castle on Skalisty island
- Nagornoe village

- New version of BattleEye.
- Antihacks.
- Vehicle persistence.
- The navmesh controller connected to the entity controller.
- Adminlogs added for private & public shards (logs connects and disconnects of player, logs messages sent through chat, logs player kills).

- Suicide with various items
- You can not unpin grenade laying on the ground
- Ghillie suit painting
- Arrow crafting no longer consumes 2 instead of 1 feather in certain circumstances
- Deployment of ruined fishtrap
- Cancel action during digging in greenhouse
- Fireplace heating process tweaked
- Effect of wetness on temperature tweaked
- Handguard placement on AKs
- Kitchen Knife cannot be placed on back
- Fish trap deterioration and sardines count
- Damaged an Ruined texture on some items (book, heatpack,...)
- Shovel size
- Clothing sizes tweaked
- Heatpacks keeps you warm longer, but its longevity is affected by it's damage
- Gun muzzle flashes

Known issues:
- Server freezes.
- Character falls/gets stuck after throwing melee weapon during swing/weapon change.
- Player can't pick up items from the ground sometimes.
- V3S can clip under ground in certain circumstances.
- Players are experiencing desync while next to each other/ in vehicles.
- Items with classnames that are too long aren't saved into the character database.
- Items in backpack rearranges upon connection to server.
- Player is stuck in building after reconnect.
- City/Shadow related client FPS drops.
- Camera clipping issues.

- Zombies cannot pass through open doorways in certain objects - can pass through closed doors in others.

Discussion and Feedback

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Edit: "tracks damage dealt from player to player" removed from the Adminlogs feature.

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