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Battleye PublicVariable value restriction #42

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From what i could do with this problem because i have it to. Battleye thinks your hacking in skins. Ill play on a server till i become a hero or bandit (mostly hero) and log off. The next day ill come in, ill play for two seconds then i takes me to play my hero skin on and then it kicks me. So the problem is in with the skins.

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    • By Wyvern D13
      So,problem is: whenever i start dayz it will start the game but not Battleye,well... it starts DayZ_BE.exe technically.. it showing that its running in manager,so,i start the game,and i see no battleye window,the game starts i wait on loading screen for a bit,and crash...,i tried reinstalling battleye,i tried reinstalling windows, i even noticed that my friend has 2 more firewall dayz rules then i have so i asked him to copy it over and it didnt work anyway,ill try to go over details now,ok
      1.Enfusion engine im still alive wont show so thats a detail
      2.One time i had battleye window with failed to install or smth like that but then i delted some stuff and it just doesnt work anymore,well i tried fixing it with guides and stuff... didnt work so
      3.As i said,i start the game,i dont see any battleye window,yet i see DayZ_BE.exe running in manager,the game starts,i wait for  a bit,and it crashes with no errors at all.
      4.The install window with agreement show up but like u know that 3 windows that pop up so u accept it,but then it just starts dayz and wont show battleye launcher

      I think thats the best i can explain it really,i hope someone can help me as i was trying to fix it for over week now,
      btw this thing occured after i installed windows update i think im not sure
    • By n1ckops21
      I figured out how to fix this dumb battleye bug.
    • By Rey2213
      23:57:02: Starting BattlEye Service...
      23:57:10: Launching game...
      23:57:11: Windows Kernel modification detected. Please repair or reinstall your system.
      23:57:11: Failed to launch game.