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Hey Guys

Thanks to some awesome kick ass equipment. Supplied & Hosted By =UGN= we now have A new place to call home for our DayZ servers.
Noobs ‘R’ Us (-NRU-) are a clan of like minded nuts, who play a range of online games. -NRU- plays as a social gaming clan and does not strive to win. Having fun is what we are all about. -NRU- plays a number of both modern and classic First Person Shooters (FPS) online games along with anything we deem to be fun. These include PC titles from the Call of Duty series (4-8), Battlefield series, Arma (2 & 3), DayZ & league of legends. However members branch out into other online gaming activities and are encouraged to do so. -NRU- invites you to join our clan for any of the games we support. If you would like to become a member please sign up in our forums, and contact one of our members in game and/or online via Teamspeak (ts.nru-squad.net)
Dayz Chernarus 
(Self Bloodbag, Tow/Lift, Snap Build, Refuel, AI, Custom Debug, Active admins & FULL PVP)

Dayz Sauerland
(Self Bloodbag, Tow/Lift, Snap Build, Refuel, AI, Custom Debug, Active admins & Is NO PVP)

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