ive been searching for over an hour to find answer this.. Is there a known sprint bug/glitch?

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so yesterday, (very noob move on my part) i learned how to sprint!! only to realize it must (i think) be broken.

i was running from elektro to cherno. and every time i began to sprint it worked great, id get about a mile or two up the road and then i would be transported back to where i began running. 


it was a little upsetting!, but i figured everything was okay and tried to continue on. only to realize that NOTHING would work, i couldnt move at all, i couldnt open my menu by hitting escape, but i noticed other people running by me.. like i was just stuck standing there? who knows if they seen me... every time it happened i had to alt+f4, restart the game and everything would be okay, yet once i started sprinting again the same thing happened!!!! (15 times in a row before i gave up, it sucked to realize i didnt know about sprinting until then, only to find out that me "jogging" was a HUGE WASTE OF TIME!!!)


before anyone rages about me posting this question here, i AM NEW! and i have thoroughly searched these forums and google for an answer, i am only hoping to get an answer on if this is a bug, or if there is any self fixes or things i can do to cut down on it transporting me back to where i began sprinting,

thank you in advanced for any helpful answers, this is the only major problem i have encountered and its eating the hell out of my brain.. just cant figure it out!

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Good to know it's being worked on, bummed me hard that after such a long trek towards the NWAF, I got TP'd back. Two times, was funny as well :D

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Well it can be avoided with jogging inbetween sprinting for about 250meters. Has someone posted this issue at the bug section yet?

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I've never even hear of this bug before.


It's happened to me (and a lot of other people) a few times. Teleported a good few Km backwards one time...


It is a known issue, and it is being worked on.

drgreenz420 gave beans to this

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