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Hi and welcome to beginners guide, here i will be stacking lots of information and pictures about DayZ and doing my part on helping this awesome game and its community.

Every tip from veteran survivors is heard and ill add all good tips to the initial post to make it easier to access to beginners.


Basic movement:


Press enter to get to third person, this lets you see more of your surroundings.


Z X and C are your controls for crouching and going prone.


Q and E lets you tilt your torso so you can see behind corners.


While holding weapon and pressing spacebar you but down the weapon thus giving you a bit faster movement speed.


Starting your game:


  When you star the game you have flaslight, your shirt and pants and battery. Even thou this doesnt seem a big start up gear this has tons of uses. Shirt can be ripped for two bandages to stop bleeding and flashlight is really handy during night time. When using flashlight remember to press spacebar to point it out to get better line of sight with it.


Your first goal is to find gear to make your life easier. Backpack and some food and drinks are in need so start rummaging thru houses. Houses that have windows that let you see inside are accesible and usually contain loot like food and perhaps even some melee weapons.Canteens and waterbottles can be refilled and almost every settlement has water pump. Every shirt you find should be torn to bandages until you find real bandages from medkits of hospitals.

Just remember to use alcohol or antidisenfact spray to rags first so that you dont get infected.




Thru out the adventure you will get hurt, infected or knocked out. Lets take a look about those.


Bleeding can be stopped by bandages or torn t-shirt rags. You see blood gushing from you to ease you to recognise the sitsuation.


Low blood will be shown as grayer colours in the game, to get it bright again either a) wait 45mins with thirst and hunger maxed to get your blood back b) get blood transfusion or c) use saline bag.

Also your guy/girl will groan from time to time.


Infected can be seen from the inventory screen and cured with antibiotics


Hunger and thirst can also be seen from inventory screen, so remember to eat and drink


All these status effects if gone unnoted will make you lose your character and your items




Different buildings and their loot treshold:



Thru out your adventures you come up on different buildings. Each building has specific loot tables and these loots are currently reseted when the server resets.


Hospitals provide firstaid kits, antibiotics,syrings etc medical supplies.


Schools provide backpacks,mosins,food and sometimes can openers.Remember that only using can opener you ensure that you get 100% filled can of food, other tools like screwdriver and knife spoil some of the food.


Firestations provide axes,firstaid kits and some clothes. Also you can find high end loot from time to time, like pistols etc.


Shops and streetshops have the biggest loot table, they can provide stuff like ducktape,food,drinks,maps etc. These are the ones you want to find fast in this game, remember you wont be alone hunting these loot spawns.


Airfiels and military tents/camps these are the place for end game gear. You find weapons,clips tactical vests and the biggest backpack in game. These places are the most dangerous places in game cause they provide the most needed items in game currently.


Later on the game will have vehicles and their parts, which you usually find from gas stations, firestations and airfields. Tune up for later upgrades.


Important things to remember when playing:


You want to get solid stock of clothes that give you more inventory space, raincoat, tactical vest, big backpack and good pants provide you enough room to stock all your food and drinks.


Firstaid kits have inventory space of 6 inside of them, so stuffing all your IV kits and antibiotics in them is smart, you basically get two more inventory spots with these so having 2-3 with you isint a bad idea.


Majority of players will shoot you on sight, thats purely because of the reason that they want to make looting easier, and killing player with good gear gives them fast ammo,drinks and food, so try to avoid big cities at coast and airfields unless its necessity to get better gear.


Saline bag wakes you or your friend.


There is several bloodtypes in game and if you take/give wrong blood type you will get sick and eventually die, just like in real life. You can find bloodtest kits from hospitals.


Keep your gear in good condition, having broken stuff can dmg you or make you lose items when wandering.


Constant running converses your stamina, remember to stop every now and then so you wont fall unconsious.


www.dayzdb.com has whole map, using it every now and then makes your life easier when planning scavenging routes.


Dont use used bloodbags or needless, you will get infected and sick.


I will upgrade this post more and more once i figure stuff and get screenshots, ty to you all who read this and find atleast one helpful tip from it.

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