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Best first life ever?

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So I bought my roommate DayZ standalone for christmas, and we had a pretty amazing experience within the first hour. Since I bought it, I've been iced by greedy bastards way too many times and I thought it would be good to have someone around when my Teamspeak buddies aren't playing.


Anyway, he spawns in Balota, I'm up in Green Mountain at this point so I go rendevouz with him in Komarovo. We do a little of the shuffle, find some stuff for him to get him up to speed. Then we decide to go to the military base by Pavlovo. After a bit of navigational difficulties we find it, and with stealth mode activated, go in.


None of the doors have been opened. So far so good. He finds himself a nice shiny M4 and a tac vest in one of the barracks, pimps himself out nicely. I find a PU scope for my Mosin and we frolick our merry way to the hospital in the middle.


We're low profile by the reception desk, when he says "There's a zombie over there."


I say "Do we have aggro?"


"No, it's moving elsewhere, like it's got a purpose."


My heart starts racing. "Someone's here."


Then we hear bullets richocheting around our heads. In flight or fight mode, we turn on the former and boogie up the stairs onto the second story and into that hallway, where there is no way in except for the stairwell. We go prone and aim at the entrance to the hallway, in effect turning on fight mode. Both of us are excited as the Nintendo Sixty-Four kid.


A minute goes by, and I speak into proximity chat.


"Hello?" I ask.


"Hey," A male voice replied. It was crystal clear. The dude was right below us.


"Are you friendly?"




A minute goes by and we continue to stare down the corridor, the suspense turning my bones to ice.


And then he appeared.


We let loose.


Crow belts out half of his clip, I fire 4 7.62s directly into his head. We weren't sure if he was dead or not because he was still standing, but blood was spewing out him akin to that of a fountain. Eventually he fell, and we went to investigate his corpse.


The dude had a splitting axe.


See, the funny thing is, in Standalone's current state, melee weapons make the same sounds as bullet richochets. What we mistook for being under fire was probably that guy killing that zombie and probably hitting his axe on the wall a few times in the process. Still, sucks to be him. Maybe if he had said he was friendly, he wouldn't have seventeen 5.56s and four 7.62 bullets in him.


So yeah, all of that, and it's my buddy's first time playing, first life. I think we're off to a good start.






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Good, Start and Good start, you were lucky. your tactic is very risky if that guy have had a gun or machine gun it would have been over with the both of you. plus when you searched his body he could have had teammates = Trap.


- Overall it was nice, but good start, and good start. Lucky start.

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