Push patch notes through Steam! :)

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Patch notes should be shown in steam with steam updates it is far easier for everyone :)

(Side point: Also my steam does not seem to update DayZ maybe it has and I haven't been aware of it, but I certainly can't join any games now.)


Patch notes should be both present on the forums and on Steam with every update. 



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You can't join servers because steam and DayZ are having issues with the servers.  They are working on it right now.

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      I was talking with a friend.... 

      We got this big hype from developers about 0.60, and we realize that we cannot join any servers today.
      That's bad news.

      But there was something strange about this.... A lot of Day Z streamers are able to play, and are doing streaming right now.
      And a lot of them, are earning lots and lots of money.

      That make me think on the possibility of the streamers and devs in some way, arrange that so they can make a lot of money on release of the patch. In exchange they wont talk bad about the game and so.

      Just imagine, for a second, I guess this is possible. Tell me I'm not crazy.