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Trooper Joe

Kicked from game

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I have been playing DayZ for a couple of days now, and I got my friend involved in it. However, now, when I try to join a game he is in, or he joins a game I'm in, it says "kicked from game after loading. I redownloaded DayZ and DayZ Commander with no avail. Any ideas.(btw, I got the game off amazon, not steam)

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    • By bensonye
      Hi,Dayz team. Recently i moved to the new house and then i bought the new router. the first day i could play the game but the second day i try to play every services i got kicked all the times from "battleye client not responding". I dont have arma2 and arma3. Even i download the new dayz battleye from your web still can't work. i am thinking is about my router problems or my computer ip mess up. Is that any solutions for me(for not change router)? My router is belkin n300. thank you i dont want to waste my money again to get a new router and dayz i purchased 3 days only. please help. :(  :(
    • By Mookie (original)
      This seems to have become far worse since 0.52. Every other server I go on kicks me after a minute or two. And, yes, I know there's a way of complaining about it, but it's so frequent now, and the complaint mechanism so clunky, that this seems almost academic.
    • By therandomredstone
      So in DayZ, last night my microphone was being dumb, so I had to type to communicate with people, anytime I said "hey" or "lets travel together", or just ANYTHING, about 60 seconds later it kicked me from the game saying something along the lines of "kicked from session. BattleEye: kicked for chat restriction". btw this was on a 1st/3rd person south-central experimental server. So what happened here?