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    DayZ UFP community and server admin. Co-Founder of BigBoysGaming.com
  1. 10/10 would play again!
  2. UFP GAMING has a fairly new Origins server with an active playerbase. We average 25-30 players in a 62 slot server. Looking for some fresh blood to give some of the established clans problems. We have some common sense rules that we strictly enforce such as no long arguments on side channel, no personal insults/abuse, no using game exploits/glitches, no destroying Sector B urals or combat logging at Sector B when other players are there as a means to be teleported to safety with ural loot... We don't have base camping rules or otherwise tell you how you may play. Hope some of you will give us a go. Server IP: Also we have a 200 slot teamspeak and will make you a clan room upon request @ dayzusa.teamspeak3.com See ya in game
  3. We at UFP Gaming are having a Grand Opening event tonight at 8 pm eastern. We will be doing a joint raid on Sector B to help everyone get geared and equipped with supplies. Join our teamspeak at dayzusa.teamspeak3.com for more details and our server IP is You can join the server during the event even if not participating.
  4. LF Origins Squad/Clan

    Hop in our teamspeak at dayzusa.teamspeak3.com. We our a large community of DayZ and Origins mod players.
  5. Hey man. Just saw this. I'm on a lot so just join whenever. If I'm not there you will still find a lot of friendly players to team with in the teamspeak and server.