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  1. Restart notifications

    As the title says I would like server restart notifications. This game has been in alpha for 3 years and there's been no update to this. It's a relatively easy issue to resolve but it would stop so much frustration. Last night spent time getting geared with a basic kit, found a deer, killed it and skinned it. In the process of skinning it the server resets so the food is lost. Jumped to a new server to get food and the same thing happens. I know the golden rule of DayZ is to not get attached to any gear but thats near impossible when the server resets with no warning causing you to loose gear/food.
  2. Persistance

    I have found close to bugger all. Running from inland town to inland town and still nothing. From the usual spots to small off the beaten track towns I can't find anything. It's incredibly frustrating to go through a town, checking every house, only to find a few backpacks, some glow sticks and duct tape. I've started server hopping but to no joy. Even coming back at a restart I still can't find anything and its beginning to annoy me. I understand that this is alpha but are they not testing these things on the experimental servers before general release or is it just dump it and hope for the best?
  3. Official "Religion" Topic

    Not so much an atheist but a committed Pastafarian. All hail the FSM and his noodley appendages. I remember as a kid telling my Religious education teacher I was an atheist and being thrown out of the classroom. I had students ask me if I was an atheist why did I go to a catholic school. Given that I'm from Northern Ireland you get asked your religion before someone hits you. I was on the bus home from Belfast one day when some kids asked me what religion I was to which I replied "atheist" he returned to his mates and there was much heated discussion between them. Few minutes later the lad approaches me and asks "Catholic atheist or Protestant atheist?" I could barely contain my laughter. Generally don't care about anyone's religious belief's as long as it doesn't interfere with my rights or life. We have a right to believe in what we want and some of us don't believe in any mystical mythical deity silently sitting watching us.
  4. Day Z Urban Legends

    But only at night after 1 or 2am and if shouldn't be a pleasant experience.
  5. Day Z Urban Legends

    For a while after getting into DayZ I only played nighttime servers, I'd gotten fed up with hackers shore line campers and PK's. Nighttime seemed to offer the most challenge and less irritations along with the sense of immediacy and danger that the night has. For a while I was playing on a spanish server (es9 or something) until one night I spawned into Berezhino at the apartments above the shop when an invisible script kiddie with M4SD found me within minutes of spawning. Without moving or firing he quickly killed me. In disgust I warned that there was an invisible script kiddie on the server and quit. I had plans to meet a friend so I moved to a German server that seemed pretty active, I think in the region of 25-30 players. DayZ commander told me it was nighttime and that was an unusually high number of players, but I wanted a challenge so I logged into the server and spawned at Otmel just east of Elektro. But instead of nighttime I found it almost be midday with the sun high in the sky. At that stage my friend jumped onto teamspeak letting me know he'd join me in half an hour or so. I told him what server I was on and that it was daylight, we both assumed an admin had changed the time. At the time I naively thought no script kiddie could alter the time. I hate Elektro and Cherno. I will only stay in them long enough to gather basic supplies such as food/drink compass and a map, maybe even a makarov. Sneaking along the shoreline I came up through the centre of the town towards the hospital, nabbing some morphine, blood and bandages. Making my way to the pub facing the shop I heard the rumble of a large vehicle. Now I've been killed by a bus driver so I ran and hid in the pub. Stopping only to loot a 1911 on the way up the stairs. Within moments I heard the beep of the horn and the growl of angry zed's then the bus parked outside the school building. I panicked surely they would find me now I'm dead. I saw the bus disgorge about 10-12 players, all fully armed and some with ghillie suits. I'm fecked. It's only a matter of time till they come into the pub and see me hiding upstairs. I won't combat log, the first rule of DayZ is to not get attached to gear. I start hearing the snap of rounds and a couple hit the window infront of me but I can also hear them talking on direct chat, I can't figure out the language but it's probably some German's, maybe the owners of the server out for a party run. They sound pretty calm and the gunfire is controlled, no mad bursts and either a single shot or double tap. These guys know what they're doing. At this stage no one has entered the pub but I don't feel confident they'll take kindly to someone watching them so I move to the room at the back with the bed. I've scored a shotgun and some more mags and prepare to sell myself when the gunfire escalates to full auto. I hear the scream of a guy getting killed and "soandso was killed" appears on the screen. Suddenly a lot of people start typing on chat or trying to talk, more names start appearing and the gunfire escalates to a full firefight. People are shooting wildly. I look into the shop and see two guys shooting what can only be described as a military zombie with an axe. Even in the bright midday sun I can see it's eyes. I'm transfixed, too scared to move and too curious to want to do otherwise. One of the guys reloads and his buddy bolts. The axe swings down killing the first guy but the runner makes a fatal mistake and runs into a horde that was attracted to the gunfire. I can just about make out his screams but I think I make out some laughing over the screams but it's too faint to be sure. Two more guys appear out of the school attempting to save their friends and the axeman soon teaches them their mistake. I haven't been this scared since the first AvP game came out in '99. A third guy jumps into the bus but I hear it crash around the corner and it doesn't start up. I can only hope he has made it out but another name appears on the kill list. I see the last two guys trapped on the roof of the school, one with an AS50 and the other with a saw. They've got a horde of zed's which are ignorant of the axeman charging into the building, more than I thought possible. The two guys are giving it all they are worth to survive. I silently commend them on staying the course, most people would have dc'ed by now. But these guys have balls of steel, no zed or axeman will stop them. They seem to be doing it right, one firing only when the other has stopped. I can't hear them talking but I see the ghillie climb up the ladders to the top floor and then the saw gunner follows. It was a mistake the axe man was there waiting, I saw him burst through the door the saw gunner runs for the steps and misses, he hits the ground with a crack and a scream. Zed's charge his broken body and I can only imagine the screams as his body is torn to pieces. The ghillie shoots two rounds into the axeman, only one of these at that range would have put me on my back for sure. But the Axeman is undeterred. Blood flowing from him he moves to the ghillie and delivers a blow from his axe that instantly kills him. Theres only a half dozen people on the server now, most have quit in disgust or panic. Accusations fly on chat. The axeman disappears. For a few minutes I sit silently, realising I need to eat and drink I make a plan to dash to the shop when it goes dark. I mean pitch black, the server has reset its clock to the actual time. This puts me in a panic, I have no flares no chemlights. I don't want to swap out my pistol for the torch. My screen is black, I see nothing then I hear laughing. Not the laughter of someone who's happy, but a dark demented laughing of the damned. A voice asks if I've had fun. Did I enjoy the show. It sounds like a voice that the devil would toss aside as too dark. You are dead. I sit there for a few minutes, my heart is racing, the adrenaline and shock have kicked in. My friends jumps back onto teamspeak and tells me he found a tonne of dead guys with some great loot at elektro and that its nighttime. Checking the playerlist I see him and myself are the only players on the server so I log back in telling him the tale of what just happened. We spend the next hour panicking incase the axeman comes back gathering enough loot and gear to keep us well armed and happy for the next couple of days. But I will never enter elektro at night, unarmed and alone again. I don't want the axeman coming after me again. BTW if anyone is up for a run to Green Mountain let me know, I want to see if anything freaky happens up there with the new patch.
  6. Killing My Group

    Dude you're so hardcore, I love how you have to wait to shoot stationary targets from point blank range and can't use the WASD keys along with your mouse to aim. I wish I was as hardcore as you.
  7. Random Venting

    It's always the way. The other night my friend was looking for a coyote backpack and once he logged off I found not one but three in Stary Sobor. Yesterday I spent ages looking for an engine part, after I finally found one I went looking for tires and only found engine/fuel parts.
  8. British Armed Force's gears

    It's either a good photoshop job or someone's an airsofter (with a photo shopped helicopter). It's more than likely an airosfter, the kit is too clean and the straps/wires are all over the place, they either need to be taped up or hidden.
  9. I'm running a private Dayz Vilayer server at the moment and we've been having a lot of issues with battleye randomly kicking people. Given that its a passworded server and I personally know each of the gamers, is it possible to turn off battleye and turn it on when its unlocked. Another issue is with heli crashes, when they spawn there is no gear appearing in 2 out of 3 of the crashes. We usually approach with a car, then drop out about 3-400 meters out then walk in. Is there any reason why this happens and is there a resolution for it? When the server is reset, vehicles that aren't saved should respawn at a different location. Tonight the helicopter respawned at Rog inside the castle, so a quick reset and it respawned then exploded in Rog, so a third reset caused it to again respawn at Rog inside the castle. We're gonna give it a shot and repair it but I'm doubtful that it'll survive.
  10. Hacker video?

    Three things, 1: Camping Elektro? On Sniper hill? Quite likely someone had planted satchel charges or thew/shot some other explosive at you. Or crawled up behind you, planted the charge and ran away. 2: If you knew it was a hacked weapon why use it? It gives you an unfair advantage and is not a weapon the devs put into the game. You use a hacked weapon and complain when you die thinking only a hacker could see/hear you sitting on that hill shooting a loud ass weapon. 3: That song sucks, I'd have killed you for playing that hacked weapon or not. Use a hacked weapon you deserve death.
  11. Miniatures wargaming

    I stopped 40k years ago but I recently started playing 15mm Gruntz, great fast rules and you can get some great tanks/walkers/aircraft for under a tenner. I have 3 armies from different companies, each with other 50 troops and 6 tanks/walkers which cost me lest than £100 per army. It's the way of the future.
  12. I'll tell the tale in a few days Sarge once I get time. Honestly, no real answer to that Just a Goat. I think it was more to my mindset that Stary Sobor is a bad place to be when you are hurt and need food/ammo.
  13. Thanks for the kind words guys, I had a blast doing it so I thought I should share. This game is made more by the tales and stories that happen through these chance encounters. I couldn't be certain about them. They've been using my server since it was set up but I just couldn't resist it. I did leave my suppressed M4 and fal in a half fixed jeep for them. I felt that bad. In other games I have no issues shooting people/pvp but in this I actually felt guilty. That was my fourth kill ingame, two were legit where I was fired upon first and the third a friendly though I don't want to tell that tale as he is unaware of the friendly fire.
  14. Getting the map to work

    Not to be rude, but with a map/compass/gps I can't see the blue dot. I can determine where I am using the gps and experience of the map.
  15. I've played on a few regular servers where the map shows your position (the blue dot) so you can see where you are and where you are heading to. Now I know this isn't something that is set up for regular servers but some of the guys I play with are new and I was hoping to give them a helping hand. So what file/setting on my server do I edit to allow the map to show your position? Thanks,