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  1. Vehicles on Stable branch

    A buddy and myself were sitting in a truck with the engine off, parked close to a tree. We both got out at the same time and that seemed to trigger the truck rocking back and forth. It killed him and damaged, but did not destroy the truck. The rear of the truck sunk into the ground and after a couple of hours, the rest of it sank up to the roofline.
  2. Truck stuck in freelook mode

    Hi there, Long-time mod player, but relatively new to standalone. I found a truck and got it running, but when inside the truck I cannot get it out of "freelook" view. The result is that I cannot drive with the mouse, and I cannot look directly behind me. The * key does not toggle it out of freelook mode. I also tried ctrl, alt and num 5 keys. A server restart also did not help. I searched the forums, but I could not find a thread on this topic. Is this a known issue? Any ideas? Thanks, Steve
  3. New Dev Blog Report: November 2012

    Rocket, I work in technology marketing and after reading your update I wish that many of the clients I work with had your project management and development philosophy.
  4. A Cruel Mistress!

    This is funny. I just made a post about my experience two nights ago. Since I am a writer by trade, I made a conscious effort to make it as brief as possible. After reading your post, I want to go back and rewrite mine.
  5. Night that reminds me why I play the game

    I spend days trying to find parts to restore a Hilux. When I'm almost finished, the server I was working on quits and disappears, never to return. I find another Hilux and spend hours getting it running. I'm driving outside Berezino with my new ride when I hear rotorwash. I make a dash for a tree line and get away from my vehicle, just in time for it to be blown to pieces. (Never been strafed by a helo before, guess I'll take that one off the list.) Beyone frustrated, I start running up to Black Lake to try and find the rummored GAZ up there. (And really, what else is there to do?) Within 15 minutes, I find the most poorly hidden military offroad ever. It has more weapons and gear than I had before and a better vehicle to boot. Just remember, no matter how bad it seems, you never know what's around the corner.
  6. Scariest moments in DayZ?

    Once approached a lumber yard, on one of the roads North out of Cherno, at night. I walked towards the one industrial building, stopped, and waited for a zombie(s) to spawn...and nothing. After waiting awhile, I assume nothing is going to spawn and head into the building. Once inside, I thought it was pretty unusual to not have any zeds to deal with so I turn on my flashlight (had never really used the thing before since it's a zed magnet). I'm sweeping around the black room with the beam, and the light catches something. I swing the beam back to see a pair of legs. I sweep the light up the legs until I see the face of a zed right in front of me standing there motionless. As soon as the beam lit up his face, he screamed and launched at me. I had a hatchet, but was so startled that I ran straight out of the place, squealing like a 5-year-old..
  7. Bear Traps

    So there is no "save" option then? I'm actually experiencing the opposite of the typical trap bug. When it disappears, I can walk over that spot (I have morphine with me) and nothing happens.
  8. De Lisle Carbine - Possibly the best zombie-hunting weapon ever?

    Realistic in the U.S., of course.
  9. De Lisle Carbine - Possibly the best zombie-hunting weapon ever?

    M1 Carbine would be a more realistic weapon that you find in civilian settings. Many vets brought them back, and still being released in high numbers through the Civilian Marksmenship Program. If you introduce the M1A1, then it could be carried in a pistol slot, since that weapon folds in half and could be carried in a jump holster.
  10. Bear Traps

    Can you save a bear trap once it's placed, or is it a given that the trap is gone when the server restarts? Just trying to decide if it's buggy that I cannot save a trap, or if that option really is not available. Found a partial discussion on this, but nothing conclusive.
  11. Players 30+ years old

    I'm 41, based in U.S. and usually play sometime in the vicinty of 10pm-2am E.S.T. My main goal right now to to put together my first vehicle, and I have some ideas for base building, including how to protect it when everyone is off server. I'm registered with two private hives, but right now I am just searching out low population servers to keep PVP to a minimum. Up to now, I have been strictly survivor, but after being killed for the countless time while calling out "friendly." I am seriously considering adopting a shoot on sight mentality. Maybe someone can bring me back from the edge?
  12. Should we remove barbed wire in the next update

    So what's the final word on this? Was wire fencing removed during the last update? If somebody already answered this in the last 47 pages, my apologies.
  13. Should we remove barbed wire in the next update

    No. I've been steadily working to the point where I could wire off my own private base. Not looking to wire off a spawn point, but someplace that is otherwise useless to other players. Of course, I say this not having experienced the bugs that everyone is talking about.
  14. What about Green Mountain?

    Yeeesh. I just came back from Green Mountain. I went there not knowing any of this. I just saw on one of the online maps that there might be a UAZ or a quad there. I didn't have any real problems, but died due to my own mistake. I kept running a circles around the place. I would draw the zombies off, lead them behind the facility and lose them in the woods. Then I would take out any stragglers by the gate with my Winchester. But every time I ran to the gate, I could not get it open. Finally, on about the eighth attempt at this, I was at the gate and heard zombies coming up on me. Went to take off again, but could not get out of "walk" mode. After furiously switching between third and first person trying to get him to run to no avail, I switched to .45 and was overrun gun-a-blazin. I thought it was a glitch that took me out. But after thinking about it, I wonder if I ever took my finger off the shift key. :( Now that I know what happens once inside the gate, kinda glad I didn't get it open.
  15. Green Mountain

    Thanks for the tip. I think I just need to take out all the zombies there before moving to the gate. I couldn't get it to open on the fly.