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  1. Skin for a medic?PLEASE?

    Just an FYI, the only way to get your Humanity past 5000 is to help other players via Bandaging, Blood Trans, Epi, and Morphine. Getting the hero skin is basically what your asking for. http://dayzhq.com/news/humanity-hero-skin/
  2. New types of looting sites

    Good Ideas. Here's another one. Policie Car/URNA Van. - Used units: Policie cars and/or URNA Van (SWAT) - History: the police and SWAT units that stayed behind and were over run - Loot: Pistols and Rem870 for Policie cars and medium grade military weapons in the URNA Vans (MP5, Rem870, MP5SD, M4A1, M16A3) - Spawn place: on any highway or 1st class road, outside the cities - Sites per server: 2 Vans / 3-4 Cop Cars
  3. CryEngine 3 - Possible?

    Well, looks like Mr. Hall has made his decision. I'm sure RV4 will be better than 3. Let's just hope its a little bit easier on hardware. As cool as this would have been on CE3 it will be much easier and speed up dev time using an engine that Hall is already familiar with.
  4. Friendly mode

    Please people, can you use the search function before posting. Or even just use your scroll wheel... There are countless threads about PvE, survivors vs zombies. Contribute to one of those beofre starting up another thread please. Also, PvE will never be happening, Rocket (Dean Hall - Developer of DayZ) has stated numerous times that the will be no PVE ever. Not happening. PvP is a huge core component and driving feature of the game, the game focuses on the social interaction between players whether they are friendly or not. I have stated this before, if you want PvE go play L4D or dead Island until "The War Z" is released and join one of their PvE Servers. Stop flooding these forums with PvE nonsense. It will not work for DayZ. Thank you.
  5. Ideas for stand-alone dayz

    Fair enough, I'm just stating that I for one have not seen, read or heard of any type of media where zombies are "hungry" or need to eat/drink to survive apart form the 28 weeks series (Not technically zombies) Even in Max Brook's Books he states clearly that zombies will just keep eating until their stomachs literally explode and will continue to eat. He also states that they will live for months/years given the circumstances. so to me it just didn't seem to make sense to have the hunger system for zombies. anyways this will be my last post in this thread I don't feel arguing over this. And for the record, if you plan on posting idea's and suggestions in an open forum such as this learn, to take a little criticism, use it to mold your ideas, don't just deny it and believe your ideas are fool proof. PS. Most idea's were fine. it was just the hunger one that was irritating.
  6. Ideas for stand-alone dayz

    The problem with this though is that if all the zombies die, it would take forever for them to make it to the coast leaving towns like Cherno and elekto way to easy to loot, not to mention without the zombies it would just be bandits fighting other bandits. Essentially turning DayZ into death match which is not what the game is about at all. all in all, I really don't see any way a zombie hunger system would work. What could be done, is just have zombies that move a various speeds randomly. Some that walk, some that run, some that shamble. this would mix it up and save a lot of development time on a system that would be flawed anyway. Its time to accept the fact that these zombies are living dead zombies which do not require food. In the walking dead, Rick is locked up in a hospital for weeks, when he regains consciousness he wanders the hospital and finds a room that has been locked since the outbreak. inside are zombies that have also been there for weeks. the zombies had no people to eat in the duration... no starvation. this is also portrayed later when the find the prison and find zombies that have been locked up for a long time with no food available... In the George Romero series especially in the Land of the dead, zombies have been alive for years with no means of sustenance. In the remake of "dawn of the dead" they are trapped in the mall for months, the zombies out side are there the entire duration and do not eat. I could go on but it would seem redundant...
  7. Ideas for stand-alone dayz

    So if we just wait for a few weeks and no one gets killed by any zombies, and everyone hunts all of the animals, the zombies will just starve and die right. Everyone wins! Hell if players can starve to death so should the zombies. And then all the zombies will die and the game will be pointless. Cooooooooooool Also please keep in mind that zombies spawn in this game only when players are around, so as soon as your gone the zombies disappear and are reset when another player enters the area.
  8. Ideas for stand-alone dayz

    Zombies don't get hungry. They are dead, most dead things don't eat. Zombies feed simply because its the only primal instinct left with in them (Why they eat the living... it's beyond me). They dont have working organs, they do not require any type of nutrition. They eat until their stomachs explode. If they are infected lets say like in 28 days/weeks later where they're still alive, just uber crazy and contagious... then, that's when they would require food or die by starvation. BUT. If this was the case you could just wait out the apocalypse and let them all die of hunger, there for negating the purpose of the game. anyway... that's my 2 cents Cheers
  9. More Zombie-Types

    Oh yes! and we should also add Clown Zombie's that squeak when they walk! AND ANNND UNICORNS, this game needs mother fucking unicorns. Though you will likely have to repair them first. Great idea, It will add much more to the realism and authenticity of the game. Not to mention that the RV engine can totally handle things like interactive events and quick time triggers. AWESOME!
  10. Fix all of these things first!

    ^ This I agree, with you on pretty much everything, Rocket and the guys helping out over at Bohemia really need to start squashing the bugs before they add new features. Otherwise you get this: "cool check out the new gun and car that was added! Sweet that zombie's walkling right through the car! sweet, the new car just blew up!!! AWESOME!" ... Another few things they should probably fix: - Doors slowly closing in on you breaking your legs, causing bleeding and shock. - Infinite zombie spawn. "cool helicopter crash site, lets clear that out" Kill zombie, see new zombie materialize out of thin air. - Zombies that can see you... from across town/field... while you're prone. - Crawling through a doorway prone causing you to stand up - Cant fit through doorways due to some mystical barrier, unless of course you stand up. "Take that mystical door barrier making Shaman bet you never thought I'd stand up. Foiled you again" If i think of any more i'll tack those on to. Fix first, expand later. Cheers EDITED: added more.
  11. Oculus Rift Support

    Price wont be too too bad. They're aiming for it to be and affordable option for everyone. It's rumored price will be roughly $250 - $300 which isn't bad considering hats about the same price as a 24" 120Hz gaming monitor. This gives you a much better view and is still 3D capable. But yeah, i can see there being bugs and issues to flatten out before its fully useable. But it doesn't even necessarily need to be fully compatible as it also acts as a monitor, just with a better FOV, and since most modern games allow you to edit the FOV you could easily match the 110 FOV and play it with KB/Mouse. just as normal.
  12. Oculus Rift Support

    Forgot to mention, yest this is a kickstarter, however it has almost hit $1,000,000 pleged in less than 48 hrs. If you want to see this happen i recommend making a pledge and showing your support.
  13. Oculus Rift Support

    This should probably be in the ARMA Forums rather than the DayZ forums given the circumstances. Anyway, i was thinking how amazing DayZ would be if it had support for the Oculus Rift. In case you haven't seen it the Oculus Rift is "the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games." http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1523379957/oculus-rift-step-into-the-game It's still in development and the SDK wont be shipped until December. But could you imagine, that extra step of immersion, having to actually turn your head to look behind you rather than holding a key and moving you mouse. This coupled with a 5/7.1 headset and your pretty much there. Like i said this is likely more limited to the engine itself and rocket doesn't have too much control over things like this. but seeing as the SDK is only $300 Bohemia should be jumping all over this... there goal is realism, why not take the next step. Anyway, I pesonally think this would make DayZ and any game for that matter much much better. P.S, Gabe Newell (Valve), Cliff Bleszinski (Unreal), and John Carmack (ID) have all endorsed this. in fact John Carmak has been working with this and has fully implemented DOOM III BFG edition to use this. Love it or hate it, post your thoughts. Cheers
  14. Yep, that could work also. Though i don't think the RV engine could handle something that awesome.