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  1. Very fast, the good loot will have been picked up. That means that server hopping becomes utterly pointless, because you will not chance upon a rare item. However, manhunting will be back on the menu big time, with hunters going for the people with gear, and then in turn become the hunted as they succed. The rest of us can then play on servers a bit away from the action, trying to build a world until a rare item shows up in the area. This could be good, in fact.
  2. [SA]WeaponZ Survey

    Being late to the party, but I think this poll might get things a bit backwards. Adding to many high tier weapons will cause it to stray from the survival vision of scarcity. When I get shot, I want to get shot by someone who needs my gear to survive, not because he is bored and think it is a good idea at the time. Further, fights with slow firing weapons poses a higher risk for the attacker, which in turn might cut back a bit on the random shootings.
  3. Rolling Update Rev. 0.30.113953

    Once loot and zombies are throughoutly debugged and the servers are optimized, they will probably start looking into the crafting system and effects of damaged gear. Then they might consider adding vehicles. My absolutely random guess is no earlier than summer.
  4. The Mystery Lake at Grozovoy Pass

    It looks like an old impact crater.
  5. Desert Eagle

    If the game was running smooth, with lots of content up to and including the possibilty of making generators for local electricity, it would be fun to have a few viagra guns around. Given that the loot database is global, it could mean that we had one single goldplated Desert Eagle for everyone to fight over. This could probably spawn a few stories in itself.
  6. How about a change in Day/nigth cycle ?

    I do not want to play either day or night all the time, but once storage becomes possible, I want to stick to a single server. A cycle around 20-23 hours would be nice, still having a long night and realistic transitions, but forcing you to play at nighttime every so often. Given that the engine is on 24 hours, you could simply cut from one to three hours during server restart, preferably from the night.
  7. Death by an Apple

    Thats what you get for using Apple products :p
  8. campfires? anyone know how to do this?

    Medication does not work instantly. Get food and water and stop running around for a while.
  9. This is a really really bad ducking game

    I'd like to chime in on the "we are civilians" part of the issue as well. While it has unfortunate implications on target practice, I am under the distinct impression that most engagements in real life feature a lot of rounds and little accuracy. Until we have a mechanism for manually aligning the sights, dispersion should be far greater than the actual dispersion of the weapon, preferably settling if you aim at the same position for some time, maybe a second or two.
  10. Where the hell am I ?

    Given the zombies and the human monsters here, I'd say Hell is pretty spot on ;) On a serious note, get to a road sign and follow the roads. Do not travel directly on them, but keep them in sight. Then you can use the dayzdb map to get from place to place. That is what I do when I don't have a compass.
  11. Can opener vs sharp tool

    I am just wondering: Around here you cannot buy cans that require a can opener. Everything has the same pull ring as the ingame tuna. We have a can opener somewhere in the kitchen, but I would be hard pressed to remember exactly where.
  12. M4 spawn rate needs a nerf

    This is Europe. Noone but the military has semiautos, and handguns are virtually non-existent outside law enforment and criminal environments
  13. playing alone

    Playing alone is definitly doable. Playing in a group frightens of random single bandits, but you need to share equipment.
  14. Random noises

    Zombie noises are a glitch, Rocket wrote something abot zombie AI being used by animals as well. As for everything else, I have no idea. And if the sound is gunshots, always treat is as if it is the real thing.
  15. Help I need to calm down...!

    You did right, and this is exactly what DayZ is about to me: Getting extremely tense, but still keeping your sht together. I almost axed an unarmed guy yesterday because I heard a zombie nearby and saw a figure moving, but luckily that one sorted out with both of us leaving and the zombie going down. Know that you can keep yourself above the beasts.