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  1. Vanilla Vehicle count Blood Type System Active Spawn Selection Active Day/night cycle local time: PST Dedicated Server Filter for US 1011 or IP listed via gametracker.
  2. I'd be happy with the old system, the entire coast line. Not just spawning from solnichny and above.
  3. The way it should be! If you can just run to your body everytime you die, there is no point in making the game difficult in the first place,
  4. Who is selling DayZ SA servers?

    Way to expensive, waiting for the files to be released and just running a dedicated box is so much cheaper. Awesome news, personally as a player I had the most fun on private hives. As an admin it was also easier to manage a private server after awhile because you see alot of the same faces over time.
  5. In addition to our chernarus server we now have a Namalsk server up and running. Auto Refuel at pumps 70 Vehicles EVR:On Bloodsuckers set to 15% chance 24/7 Daytime Debug Monitor Vehicle Part Stripping & towing coming soon
  6. Current server features: 200 vehicles including a couple MH60'S Towable Vehicles & heli lifting Fast rope drop from heli's Optional JSRS & STmovement mods Additional Buildings (firehouses, stores,schools & barracks) throughout the map Animated Heli Crashes .50 cals have been entirely removed from the server Daytime 24/7 Auto Refuel at all stations Custom Skins(over 7 custom solider skins) Bridge to Skalisty Survivor Colony on Skalisty which includes a weapons cache Protected by AI patrols(engages bandits only)
  7. I've watched the videos and read most of the thread and all I can say is I am really disappointed. I had a good amount of respect for TLM servers; I run my own of course but I appreciate the work and dedication it takes to run a successful server. This evidence is pretty much irrefutable though, testing should ONLY be done on a separate locked server. Admins have no need to spawn vehicles, god mode or admin map. The anti-hax you guys run prevents most hack menus and those it doesn't, those skiddies can easily be caught with spectating players. Obviously though one of your admins shouldn't even be trusted with that based on his attitude and actions.
  8. The rules we enforce on our server are as follows: 24 hours ban & character deletion first offense A 2nd confirmed offense results in a permanent ban. If you cannot take the chance of death in DayZ you should not be playing.
  9. If you are using Corsair's CC, its saying that because the config file for the item check does not have them included as lootable items. Players won't get banned by battleye unless they spawned those weapons in.