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  1. I can launch and play other games on my PC - however DayZ hangs on launch for about 30 seconds and then I get an error window pop up saying my swap file is too small, and I need to increase it. I had a look at these settings and windows automatically allocates what it needs, I haven't changed these. I did a memory scan, and no issues were found. I've cleaned up my SSD - which has 200GB of free space. I have re-seated my RAM. All other games run fine, as was DayZ yesterday afternoon - I came to play in the evening and computer says no. Any help appreciated.
  2. hypothermia deaths

    Quite correct, my bad. You have to take them off, hold them in your hands, right clic, then you get the option...and it helps....or you could just run around with them in your hands stark bolly nekkid. :)
  3. hypothermia deaths

    Really? I use Skallisty as a nice place to gear up quietly, I also enjoy bumming about on prison island - this obviously means I need to swim. Not once have I died from cold. If I get the messages I act. I wring out my clothes. I start a fire. If I can't start a fire I don't go running about in the rain until I die... Like emu says - wring out your stuff. The mechanics are there for everyone to be able to survive this. Get your act together! :)
  4. Saving Ayas Privates

    Server - OldschoolDayZ 1PP
  5. Base Building vs Advanced Barricading

    This is what I too was expecting. So much empty real estate - would you really go to the trouble of chopping trees and creating poles for walls and for building towers, and would you really bother creating the bags with compartments to fill with bricks to make a wall - not having any experience in building I doubt I would. Even with some engineering experience - would you? However, realistically I could grab an axe, make a few planks, board up a couple of windows and secure a couple of doors on an existing but unused property...maybe even make a rudimentary fence and some traps with enough kvass. Interested to see how it will work anyhow.
  6. Shootout Outrage

    We have discussed this on www.oldschooldayz.net forums. This took place on a private hive. Which is how Aya (who was with me), and Roterbalon (in the group who we were fighting) knew each other. There were 5 of them surrounding the house we were in. I managed to kill one. At the end when Roterbalon comes up the stairs, I think that left 3 outside. Some random didn't see the house was being watched, must have heard all the commotion, decided to try his luck, and manged to get in to the bottom of the stairs. He killed me, then he killed Roter (which I couldn't record - as I was dead), and then he himself was killed by Roters crew. Bit of a bloodbath in the end. Good times. :P
  7. Exp Update: 0.58 + Hot Fix.

    Personally, that fire place has me the most excited out of anything. Sad, yet true. :)
  8. Shootout Outrage

    Witness how the power of one woman shouting at grown men like your mum did when you were eight years old makes them lay down their guns....almost. Footage from OldSchoolDayz hardcore server. www.oldschooldayz.net
  9. ..and they say people pushing this never ending agenda of 1st>3rd come across like a bunch of tacticool neckbeards trying to force their views on everybody. You do not come across like that at all.
  10. Nice read. Good on you. Definitely a "Calm down dears." statement for the ignorant/impatient chickenlickens. SQF scripts - the performance hog of many a user made ofp/arma mission. I myself am guilty of this also. :D
  11. 3PP Camera Position: Fine tuning

    Just give it an option for server owners to switch, like the current arrangement. I really do not see the problem with this, as it suits everybody. Unless your argument is really all about server pop's.
  12. 3PP Camera Position: Fine tuning

    Off centre looks weird and you can still see around corners.. I'm all for trying new things out and I like choice. (currently spending my time on OldSchoolDayZ 1PP only server - but I play 3PP also.) If you implement something like this, I would hope you would have it as another option for server admins to enable alongside regular 3PP and 1PP.
  13. Aya & Jim - The Companions' Way

    Second part in the story was recorded on OldSchoolDayz hardcore server. First part that was recorded a few weeks ago can be viewed here. (on Grumpy Old Gamers.) ...and this is the second part.
  14. Truck Story

    Logged into the ship at Rify to find some kind soul had abandoned a truck with half a tank of gas next to it. We took the truck for a spin along the coast, hoping to pick up a passenger. It didn't work out too well.
  15. Aya & Jim - The Companions Road

    I have to keep her on a tight leash. Anyone looks at me the wrong way, they'll have a chunk missing soon. It's been a bit of a problem. We are barred from the pub in Elektro...