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  1. so decided to try 1.0 reinstaled the game and got an error message at launch the game wont even start :data file too short 'addons\anims.pbo'. Expected 1958625370 B, got 4247646 B tryed to remove anims.pbo and put it back in the error message just swaped to another pbo file tryed to reinstall twice still nothing changed (deleted dayz folder from the steamapps on second try) anyone got any idea of what could cause that and how to fix it ?
  2. 2provief

    battleye update bug

    anti virus and firewall are off when i play dayz
  3. so last time i played was on dayz with 1.182 BE and i decided to install the new dayz patch and give it a shot but when i started the game BE was failing to update so i manually downloaded the dlls on the BE website 1.162 being the version open to download then i started the game and got my battleye updated to 1.164 and since then each time i go on a server it says me that its updating to 1.191 then that the update succeded but in fact i m still on 1.164 i tried to manually uninstall and reinstall Be nothing changed downloaded a fresh battleye setup . exe file hopping it would help but nothing so now i m completely stuck anyone have an idea of what i could do edit: i also reinstalled arma2 and opertaion arrowhead
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    IF this was an actual game...

    as a eve player i dream of this becoming played on a gigantic map hosted by studio with a permanent devlopment over years so i would say : monthly fee studio devloped with community help kickerstar why not and studio server
  5. same here got kicked 5 min ago cannot join any game : always the same message : BattleEye kick: Corrupted Memory #0