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  1. Chidorin

    Forge Structures

    10/10, the quality is superb, would be nice to have a full tutorial from start to final in-game object (video or text), so everyone can start making different civilian "small" assets and form kind of mod, DB of assets for modders to add in their projects p.s. was it made in blender?
  2. Chidorin

    Combat log, server hopping

    Problems: We all know the problem of combat log even with the current timer system. When 2 sides starting to wait for the opponent to act one of the sides may decide to log off and only if the other one knew about logging off they rush. In most cases, no one injured. Another problem is loot farming (server hopping). Key buildings like police stations, tents, afs looted right after restart. How to solve (decrease the number): enforce people to leave these areas, make it time wasting, increase the possibility of losing character. 1. Exponentially increase the time for respawn 2. Spawn zombies after log in near hopper 3. Create areas where after log off character still there till he connects to another server, so it's dangerous to stay in places with rare loot or densely populated 4. 1&2 can be applied to 3 (special areas)
  3. Chidorin

    New loot locations?

    balota, heli crash
  4. Chidorin

    Server performance boost, rocket tweets

    and what does it mean? it is already smooth or is it about 10sec freezes?
  5. Chidorin

    Resolution Issue after Install

    There are 2 resolution tabs. Which one did you try?
  6. Chidorin

    Hdr making seeing way to dark

    check your gamma on the main window of video settings
  7. Chidorin

    Hdr making seeing way to dark

    i think it's even working not real: when you in a shadow you should see better the places under the sun's rays because you eyes widened (more rays getting to your ocular fundus) and when you are under the sun's rays you should see worse the places with shadows
  8. Chidorin

    Fucking Glitches.

    just put "video memory" to "default"
  9. Chidorin

    omg pls how can i use my crowbar?

    you were stunned by zombie
  10. Chidorin

    omg pls how can i use my crowbar?

    use F to choose it in the right upper corner
  11. the rate of spawn won't increase but the the rate of rate will as you said "more chance to spawn"; you'll need to multiply them to get the final rate and it will be higher
  12. More players more chances to meet someone and loot him
  13. Chidorin

    Respawn button while unconsious

    won't it make bodies to disappear? 'cause bodies disappearing during the fight is a big problem
  14. Chidorin

    [VIDEO] DayZ Rapture

    they've seen someone in Cherno
  15. Chidorin

    We Need More Zombies

    more zombies -> less fps, isn't it? one of the group could shoot once to agro all zeds and then running around while others loot and cover backs. But all in all I agree, zombies are decoration and there is no real danger in it. The game now is more shooter on big map, for someone it's PvE with PvP elements, but in general there is no apocalyptic atmosphere.