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    Status Report - 27 February 2018

    DayZ has very clearly shown its intent to be a hardcore survival game from the very first dev blogs. Millions bought it with that premise. I'm not sure why you think the only people who want the hardcore experience are also the only ones still playing? Allow me to introduce myself and the uncountable others who are waiting for the promised DayZ experience and have not played the game in months or years. I'm not sure why you seem to ignore this group, since it's in all likelihood the most common scenario. Lots of people bought DayZ, lots of people were underwhelmed or got bored of development time, lots of people will come back to make good on their money already spent when the game delivers what they bought. This is Occam's razor, no miracles required.
  2. Letting the server owner set everyone's view distance is not unfair. People with low-end computers who unknowingly join a high view distance server will immediately notice that their performance is unplayable, and leave to find another server. People with high-end computers who want high view distance will play. Everyone can find a server with preferences that suit them, just like the preferences of 3rd person, crosshairs, etc which have been in the mod since launch. I don't know what makes you think anyone will be forced to play on a high view-distance server.
  3. It has already been said that there will only be 50k keys at launch, and expanded when there are enough servers to support more players. Edit: That number isn't confirmed, but they will be released in batches. It would be detrimental to the launch if too many players were given access to the game at once without enough servers to play on.
  4. vegeta897

    Disconnecting to avoid death

    Had 2 more bad experiences in a row last night. I was overwatching the Stary military camp, waiting for a friend to arrive from Novy so he could sweep it. Suddenly, I see someone pop in right in front of one of the tents. Typical, a server hopper coming to loot a military area before hopping on to the next server. I decide to ruin his day and open fire. I definitely scored some hits on him, but he managed to disconnect before he died. As if that wasn't bad enough, when my friend arrived and he started crawling around the camp, he was shot and killed by a DMR from the same hill I was on. Easy kill for me, I thought. The sniper would have zombies swarming all over him, and he had no idea of my existence. So I see him running from zombies, and I'm running in parallel about 100m away, waiting for him to stop to kill the zombies so I could take my shot. But oop. Guess he decided dealing with zombies in a fucking zombie mod, zombies that he knowingly attracted by firing a rifle with zombies nearby, was too much trouble, so he disconnected. Needless to say I was not very happy after all this. This issue is literally the only thing that really pisses me off about DayZ. If this could be remedied, I would never have any complaints. (and I'm one of those guys who hates third person and crosshairs, which makes it almost impossible to find a populated server to play on)
  5. vegeta897


    What original arma multiplayer mod? Do you mean just multiplayer in the game before DayZ? It's funny that you should ask that, because it's a good indication of the vastly different playerbase that DayZ has brought to this game. Before DayZ, players like this who exploited the game simply weren't a problem. They didn't exist, aside from the odd hacker. The most popular multiplayer matches were within mature communities on well moderated servers. Disconnecting in a PvP game to avoid dying was simply unheard of. It's also pointless, since you don't have persistent gear like in DayZ. That's really the only motivation for DayZ players; you have gear you don't want to lose. So, yeah, this isn't/wasn't a problem outside of DayZ.
  6. vegeta897


    Just had a good experience today on US HC2. Me and my 2 friends had good overwatch and security on the airfield, when we spotted a group of 3 walking along the hangars, in a tight formation. I downed one of them from afar, and the other two hid in the corner of the hangar. I was expecting to see some disconnects, but I didn't. I won't go into the details of the battle, but none of them disconnected despite having the perfect opportunity to, being pinned down. They fought to the end like men. Whoever those people were, props to you.
  7. vegeta897


    Oh I agree with you, and I'm not expecting any action to be done, but perhaps it will make people feel better if they ever encounter one of these disconnectors in the future. And also, if there are multiple recorded instances of the same guy disconnecting in firefights etc. that's really enough evidence to prove it. If this same kind of evidence were present in a real life court, the guy would be sentenced guilty. The chance that he just 'happened' to have his own reasons for disconnecting in multiple different instances at the perfect times is just too remote to even consider anymore if it reaches that point.
  8. I think the cleanup script is going to ruin this idea. You can't just leave a bunch of weapons laying on the ground, as aesthetically appealing as it is. You'd have to use tents. Props on all the thought you put into this though :P
  9. vegeta897

    Stop saying "Leeroy Enfield"

    Why on earth is this thread still going? Yeah... "why on earth are you posting in it then" Whatever. Come on people.
  10. vegeta897


    Not sure where I'm supposed to post this or if anyone even cares, but I encountered this player, CW2 Adams [=TFB=] in the US Hardcore 1 server. Go to the 6 minute mark, the first part of the video is unrelated. As you can see in the video, he decided to climb up and lay down in this deer stand so he could chat in side. You can see him talking a lot in chat, so it makes sense why he was just lying there inactive. When I decide to spook him, I toss a grenade (and miss). Seconds after the grenade, he disappears and his name is seen disconnecting. Another example of the kind of cowards that play this, disconnecting at the first hint of any danger that they didn't initiate. And he was pretty fast, too. Makes me think he's had practice...
  11. vegeta897

    Arma II free

    It is possible and you can find guides if you google it. But I do not support this idea. The developers deserve your purchase, and you deserve to enjoy the game with full quality textures and models.
  12. vegeta897

    DayZ Update 1.5.7

    Well a bug is a bug' date=' but the point is that they didn't intentionally make it so that you're screwed for life if you kill someone. I wasn't making an argument, I was merely pointing out that they did attempt to address the issue of self defense. I realize that it's not going to cover every situation. But how do you know you're actually defending yourself if he hasn't shot you? Unless he misses, which is certainly possible. Again, not arguing, just discussing. This is why it's best to just team up with people you know. I've got a group of friends to play with (not hard, since everyone loves this game) and we don't bother trying to make peace with randomers. And when you think about it, that's how a real life zombie apocalypse would probably play out. You only trust those who you know you can trust.
  13. vegeta897

    DayZ Update 1.5.7

    Actually' date=' it attempts to. If you get shot by a survivor, you won't lose humanity for killing him. One murder isn't going to turn you into a bandit for life. It will wear off in a few hours. Also, you can just avoid people if you're afraid they're going to kill you.Despite my responses to you, I agree that the bandit system is an arbitrary feature that is pretty pointless when the dynamics of mistrust and paranoia already occur in the game naturally. On the other hand it can increase the survival rate of innocents if they can be sure to avoid someone they see has a bandit model.