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  1. New Features in Humanity system

    You should not be punished for being forced to defend yourself period. Someone gets the drop on you and shoots there is no room for tactics, it's a split second simple choice, either take the hits or shoot back.
  2. Has Anyone Else lost Faith in Dayz?

    Really?, dayz mod still seems to have a huge throughput of new players and that has always been the case, I believe all these dayz bastardisations are damaging to the community, BI and Dayz as a product.
  3. New Features in Humanity system

    The biggest problem I had with the humanity system when playing hero was that you cannot really defend yourself against anyone except those with minus humanity without losing points of your own and the amount of effort required to keep hero status is really not worth it, Pitty because hero is a great way to play. What I would like to see is some kind of incoming fire detection system which when activated locks humanity allowing you to return fire without becoming a raghead, I wonder if the suppression system could be modified to do this... This would of course work for everyone, not just heros. I do realize if implemented the above system *could* be open to exploitation, just an idea.
  4. Any Vanilla DayZ Servers Left?

    UK31 will be back up at some point soon running vanilla Dayz, I refuse to fill the mission with cheap gimmicks and silly ideas for the sake of popularity and definitely no pay2win, only trouble is having time to admin the thing, all our old player base and admins are gone..
  5. Because Dayz isn't dayz anymore perhaps? even vanilla isn't vanilla, if you played from the beginning you have to realize its just not the same, its a half assed pvp game now.
  6. One of two reasons or both- Rocket didn't care anymore or for the sake of popularity, what do I mean? In the beginning server admins were not allowed to do ANYTHING except run the server, not even change the daylight hours as I recall, now? you can do anything you like, mod the shit out of it, a million variations on an idea which is pretty much lost now, everyone can be a shitty game designer based on Dayz mod, I have to admit that I haven't played them all but the ones I have mostly suck ASS and yes I appreciate some guys might have put hours into modding the mod but its not YOUR MOD why why why was this allowed to happen. I will add, as former admin on one of the most popular UK dayz private hive servers I can appreciate the need to pay the server rent, but we only ever gave skins in return for donations. Please do not tell me there's nothing anyone could do, this IS Dean Hall's intellectual property. Rant over.
  7. Has Anyone Else lost Faith in Dayz?

    Sorry for the typo, I meant at the end of mod dev. Making promises, deals or whatever with Sony when the current Pc build is no where near finished is ridiculous and probably impossible to deliver anyway and I also believe that the original Dayz concept is absolutely not suited to the console market, anyone who has spent a lot of time gaming on Pc AND consoles will understand this. I agree with you totally about mod vs SA, its disappointing but even so, I paid for SA to show support and appreciation for the project and also to kind of say "thank you" for the hundreds of hours of fantastic game play I had from the mod (even though I did scream and complain about it often) its been an "unforgettable" experience but it honestly feels like its over now, the mod seems to be ruined and SA needs so much work... I really hope they can deliver I honestly do.
  8. Has Anyone Else lost Faith in Dayz?

    If I remember correctly the weapon nerfing started at the end of the mod development, I really don't understand or agree with those changes, one of the great things about the original mod was the refreshing hardcore feel of the game, that was a big part of what attracted me and the other guys I played with in the first place, part of that came from the quite realistic weaponry, it makes no sence to go against this, but then dayz is headed to consoles... Expect anything.
  9. An Easy Way to Explain Alpha - my favorite topic

    An easier way http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle
  10. Dayz Mod nostalgia

    I'm not sure why it's not working but I have played it myself and I'm afraid to say that it seems broken, you cannot stop yourself bleeding, I don't remember this happening before but I abandoned it. But there may be hope yet, I am looking into the possibility of running an old version on our server.
  11. Zombie Hordes Maybe?

    Maybe you can but I'm not seeing it, not even close to what the mod had, if it can be done then fine .. I don't see the issue with searching for old posts it's the active ones that count, just IMO and comments on old topics get hidden and locked? Whatever just my recent post *experience*Edit: I like how you say- eventually hit Dayz. Cool!
  12. I miss the public hive

    The US servers ping at about 170 for me... Btw, no one want to play vanilla? The MOD devs might want to think about why that is, but the answer is not gimicks or pay2win even though these things are popular.
  13. I always thought the original Dayz mod deserved something better than Arma 2.5, world class engine for only $19/month? http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=unreal+engine+4&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-gb&client=safari#hl=en-GB&q=unreal+engine+4+pricing If Take on helicopters is like A2/3 then it's not even multi-core friendly... And SA is still a mod in a wrapper.
  14. Zombie Hordes Maybe?

    There was a point in time when the old mod had large numbers and hordes if you created enough noise, if I remember correctly servers were seeing up to 1000 spawned across the map at times, it was quite game changing actually, killing other players was the last thing on your mind when you had 50 zombies chasing you, I hope that eventually we will see these kind of numbers again as it really does change the way you play and it's pretty awesome too.
  15. Dayz Mod nostalgia

    I agree, the mod is not what it used to be and its not just sentiment, there was a single player mission, sorry I don't have a link but I do have it myself, if you can find that then you also need the original 1.6 something mod and the 1.7.0 dayz code to play it, look on mod db site.