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  1. gambla

    Option to place barrel - bug ?

    thanks, eno
  2. Hey guys, how does this option work ? I see the "ghost" barrel but how do I "confirm" the place I've chosen for the barrel ? Holding the left mouse button doesn't do anything here ? thanks
  3. gambla

    man bug my car in safe zone

    Call on the UN ! (sorry, couldn't help it)
  4. gambla

    Reinstate Forced Server Messages!

    Right, and Devs are to blame for Climate Change, Poverty, Hunger, everything... We have server restarts since how many years ? *facepalm*
  5. I had this too and always joined as a female character even I customized a male char. It appears that after renaming it, it's now set as default. Maybe worth a try ?
  6. gambla

    A message for those who play 3rd person servers

    "hardcore": - being able to jog around for ages with like 50 kgs of gear - zigzagging to dodge bullets with like 50 kgs of gear - getting shot, still being able to run away (often, not always) - getting shot, losing lots of blood, just bandaging, waiting for some minutes = back at full health Seriously...
  7. gambla

    A message for those who play 3rd person servers

    another random hardcore dude, not using the search function to find a million threads about this topic, - everyone is free to play how he likes and there already are 1pp servers, end of story
  8. Hey guys, after about a year I was really looking forward to return to DayZ (again). But very soon I found out that the toggle-raise key has been removed, which is IMHO a real PITA. Please feel free to correct me, but when I got it right, you actually need 4 keys (!) to take a single aimed shot with your weapon ? 1) hold key to raise weapon 2) key to aim down sights 3) hold key to hold breath 4) key to shoot After so many years, being a A3/Dayz-Mod veteran like many others, now I find myself thinking about which of all the keys I have to press to shoot a bloody chicken ? Seriously ? I didn't find much about this issue but read somewhere, that this was implemented because some people didn't like to see players running around with the weapons raised. I totally agree that this doesn't look very nice and realistic but imho you just can't change things without seriously considering usability/gameplay. There was also the point, that shooting should not be as easy as in every FPS, still, needing 4 keys is not a real solution. We all know that IRL, these steps are natural, it's one flow - why make it harder than in real life ? Apart of this, after so many years, I think it's a shame that there's still no key to vault over a fence. I still love this game, thanks for your opinion, g.
  9. can you give me your skype, so I could contact you about my dayz problem?

  10. gambla

    Game doesn't start

    Hello, check / try this: - try different servers (official, match version etc.) - latest game version, check in steam for updates - verify game files in steam - check / tempor. disable any client firewall / anitvirus programs - cmd: ping server ip - battleye running ?
  11. gambla

    Any good EU servers without idiots?

    You shound find some dedicated "PVE only" in the server browser, not sure how many speak English.
  12. gambla

    A few suggestions....

    The one single false claim that there's "no food at all", while there are thousands of apple trees, disqualifys the entire original post.
  13. gambla


    It is your false claim and not true at all that it is "unplayable", as thousands of other players enjoy DayZ every day. As it is not "unplayable", and never was, there was nothing to know at the "beginning". If you buy a (prototype-)car and use it daily, and after three years you run into issues and don't like the design anymore, do you really think you can ask for a refund then ?
  14. gambla


    So you've bought a product 3 years ago and used/consumed it for 3 years. On top of this, you've bought this product with a clear warning of "early access" and "alpha version", and unfortunately a lot of negativ reviews everywhere. And now after 3 years, you're asking for a refund ? Seriously, LOL ! sorry
  15. gambla

    3PP vs 1PP - I finally have an opinion

    Oh Lord, how many of these discussions and "suggestions" do we need until it's finally enough ? Why do players , who prefer 1pp, don't stop trying to convince other players of 1pp ? Please don't try to start just another discussion under the cover of you suggestion. This topic is obsolete anyway as we already have many private 1pp-only servers.