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  1. I am completely against removing it, I can take 30% less frames while in zoom...This will just lead to someone modding in a sloppy implementation and everyone will be forced to play that because the feature makes sense, removing it doesn't (or not solving the technical problems behind it)..
  2. Hi Adam, I remember back in 2012 when I first started playing the mod, there was such mystery about the whole map, it seemed endless and unexplored, I felt scared, lost and vulnerable, I kinda miss that feeling... Do you wish you could have started on a new location, are there any plans on new terrains? I just really want to get lost in a whole world again.. Second question, when are we going to get that apocalyptic feeling back, I really miss it from the mod :(..
  3. To add to this. Is the fruit picking mechanic going to be changed. Someone suggested having the fruit spawn as a dynamic event on the trees themselfs ect.
  4. 1. To what extent is the small object interaction going to be used? Are moved object going to be persistant and or used for barricading? How will it affect loot (as in moved loot respawns?) and if so will it damage it? 2. Would you consider scraping real world objects for items (I.E. a fence hatcheted down for wood). 3. This ties in to 2. Would you use the Static Randomizer described in this Squad monthly report . Could this be used on par with object scraping to give the world a new layer. This would stop abuse on the level of hopping for wood or what not. Or to have a part of the woods on one server but not on the other and so on. 4. Are any of the Advanced Social Mechanics from the 2014 roadmap still planned? 5. Can you reconfirm that you will be able to completly clear out a town-village of zeds like described early on in the project. 6. And my last and final question. How was the sound guys funeral. I mean we havent heard from him since his first post, so I assumed he died. R.I.P.
  5. Herding animals

    Q2 2015 Advanced animals (life cycle, group behavior) Q3 2015 Animal predators + birds Q4 2015 Animal companions Looking at the roadmap the animal AI seems to have gotten some attention this year with group behavior seemingly in on the latest EXP. Seeing how the hermit gameplay style seems to be getting a lot of attention, I thought it would be cool if hearding animals was possible. Like fence up a farm with some land and grass on it and heard goats, sheep, horses etc. and be completly self dependant, maybe even have grass decay after a couple of days.
  6. One of my alltime favorite moments of the mod was when my group finnaly met up and one of us got the cold. As we started to look for matches the cold spread and we soon found ourselfs dead stuck in the rain in the middle of nowhere. Why not bring it back? Right now, you dont caugh, or have any sort of consequence besides health loss. This was honestly one of the best aspects of the mod, and it would be a dammn shame if it didnt get implemented.
  7. I thought about making mods for standalone once the support comes out. And the only thing I could think of was using existing systems to make the game better. I thought about how RUST and ARK showed their fruits, rocks and resources in the world. This lead me to an idea about using the dynamical system to spawn fruit on trees like apples, or berries on bushes, and even the trees themselfs, so every server could have apple trees on a different spot. Have these spawn directly on bushes or trees. And just like police cars, we could have something like truck crashes with containers that could be open and have a massive amount of one item inside, like notacola or something. And who says it should only be vehicles, why not have dynamically spawning police checkpoints or crashed cars, why do they have to be spawning in the same place every time. In my opinion this could expand to a whole lot more things once we get some new tech integrated. Lets say that in the future we get roaming zombies that can be customised, and a while back we still had confirmed animal companions. You could combine these to have a hunting party (as in hunters hunting game), turned zeds, with dogs as their helpers, that you stumble into in the woods. And, heck, why not even have uniqe items on some zeds and combine those with these events. Like have a dynamic even where 1 church could spawn a wedding and with that you get a wedding dress,champagne or a limo. Or have a chance of a house having a event in terms of a party, so a lot of alcohol or food. Heck you could even have a shed of a gun nut or something, which would be a random shed with a ton of guns and ammo, but just one, out of the 300 on the whole map. I know, but its the best picture I could find.
  8. Central Economy

    The last test we did 2 patches ago it seemed to be 3 days with a backpack that wasnt touched at all. So dunno if it its the same right now, we had a test going, but since the peristence restart is going on we arent able to access our server and we cant see it.
  9. Upcoming and desired Gestures

    Is it possible to have a surrender animation like this @6:01 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSXQMC3mQBw&feature=youtu.be&t=6m1s Where the gun in hand when dropped does that animation.
  10. Gestures while moving and landing animations prototype

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSXQMC3mQBw&feature=youtu.be&t=6m1s Any chance we can get a similar surrender animation? @6:01
  11. Exp Update: 0.55.126884 Discussion

    Freaking ace job guys,all the work is paying off.
  12. So what do you expect from new zombies?

    Large amounts and different types (police,mil.,pilot), have loot on them (non clothing,every type different loot), if possible hoards, better sounds for them,as well as not so stiff animation and more smoothness.
  13. Precise object placement

    I think this is a great direction, in most other games, when they give you this kind of action you are usualy given a green or red indicator, I think the opacity idea was the best choice for DayZ, hopefully it doesnt show up on others peoples screen but that is just my opinion. Although I have to agrue that the placement i.e. howering is not ideal. Furthermore I would like to see this implemented on other objects (but dont make it right click "place"), like if you want to line up all your guns on a shelf or backpacks on the ground, this would be more than welcome, I can see this feature working well with containers ( the infamous red fridge ) ,horticulture,and barricading when it is introduced in its full form. It would be insane if we could get it at the same time as full peristence and economy loot, would be a nice update. And if you are doing base building, make it modular as in everything fits, but that is way down the road I guess. Btw. loving the interactivity during the last few weeks with the dev team.
  14. About the Environment

    Will you remove the uninteractabule objects, like the shoes in various houses, stuff on the table in the piano house, the books in the drawers, canisters in trash and those tents that were in the mod and are in NW tent city?
  15. About Characters

    Are there any plans as to making custom logo armbands or patches and so on, to id friend from foe?