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    Where is the DayZ population?

    What mean ''dont trust''? Yes development is slow, Yes its buggy, Yes there missing alot of stuff but look on 0.63 exp... at least they fix FPS problem, character animation, stamina... players in pvp dont run anymore like rabbits so PVP become much more better (almoste like in mod), they made nice map and now you cant play with gamma in game options to see clearly at night... Missing just copple things like stability, transport and caches for awsome gameplay. Latter thay can add guns.. skins.. new map etc but stability, transport and caches is mine things what people need to play this game. Stability - players should be sure that he will not get error message every 10 minets... thing work how they should work and etc Transport - running is boaring, some players dont have enough time to play and its mean like his friends playing somwere at NW but he is fresh spawned so he should play alone at leas 1h to meet with them or he die in PVP but his friends survive so thay cant peak him up from coste by car or hely. Caches - player should have option to save his extra loot for next time. Player will have motivation to loot and kill people to get more and save stuff. Yes if they will allow modding and plus DayZ will be on PS4/xbox... Bravisimo! It will be top game on twitch and youtube again.
  2. Youri

    Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Really? Stamina is ok buuut ... we need some transport! Mine problem at 0.63 exp right now is traveling to NW from coast. If u fresh spawned its takes 30-40 min just for direct travel without looting to Stariy Sobor (Drinking from rivers / lakes +2 apples). So you can imagine if you have 2-3h to play .. you playing with your squad and you die some where at NW airfield. So you just spend time... alot of time to travel back (if you will be lucky from 1th try). Without transport your teammates cant help you.. cant pick up by car or you cant just finde some bike to travel faster. So best option for developers in my opinion is to add cars ( 60-90% repaired.. like without 1 wheel, zero petrol etc) not far away from the coast (just for experemental time). But when will be beta relise on stabil... so looks like we will have cars, bikes and etc and there will be no any problems about traveling (evrething will works). And one more to keep players on servers... for gameplay we need caches to keep looted stuff. (and.. I just waiting for NVG in game)
  3. Youri

    Escape From Apocalypse

    slightly updated ;)
  4. Youri

    Escape From Apocalypse

    Escape from apocalypse through northern forests. please do not rewind My mission was: Check new landscape of North.. And make some nice finish, but.. it was nice, respect :beans:
  5. Youri

    Is this game dying?

    Biggest problem is hackers. Look, today at Kamenka ... DE 635 server: !
  6. Youri

    Stuck at loading screen

    v1.7.2.5 * [NEW] Additional optimizations to login process :lol:
  7. same was on DE 172. DAYZ DIES funny, they make new functions for game.. like humanity... but game critical issues stay.
  8. Youri

    [1.5.7] Keep Spawning at the Coast

    When wll be fixed? <_<
  9. Better make levels of humanity. Just for example: Bandits. You become a bandit and from -1 till - 250 u have Skin (Noob bandit) -251 till -999 u have Skin (Bandit) -1000+ u have Skin (Pro Bandit) Survivor +1 till +250 u have standart Skin +251 till +999 u have Skin 1000+ skin
  10. Youri

    stuck at the loading screen (again)

    The same problem. Last beta pach, and of dayz. After when I close game (in loading screen) I respawn at beach with all my goods. When i got a ddisconnect... or just logoff and after reconnect i got same issue with "loading" screen. And.. like always spawn at f.. beach. Yes i understand, it will be good if player play for example always at US100 server and he want change server he will be spawned in the beach. But what happened now it b.shit.
  11. Youri

    [1.5.7] Keep Spawning at the Coast

    SAME HERE.. Logged of at airfield. Make latest update and after few hours log in and stuck in "LOADING"... turn off game, make reconnect and spawn at.. beach. 10 times already... :o
  12. Youri

    Pending Update: Build

    +1 But better make some real time indicator in server list. Like [D] - day, [N] - night.. [E] - evening and [M] - morning ;)
  13. Youri

    Complete Inventory Wipe on Logoff

    Before: After: :beans: :huh:
  14. Youri

    Complete Inventory Wipe on Logoff

    Today I'm login in DE172 server or DE72... I forgot sorry ( Beta 95168). I found lake, fill my botle and logout. After approximately 30 min I'm login back (DE172 or DE72) and... my inventory was empty . You know, now I even don't want play. Saaaad. Yes I know, everyone can say "This is Alfa test.. what you want!?" but... (