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    Steam 92miles92 add me if you want to group up!
  1. Player stats shouldn't show players killed

    I think it should only show your stats on character death and once you respawn you'll never see that characters stats again.
  2. 20/uk looking for other players.

    alright mate there's about 4-5 of us that play together add me on steam 92miles92 if you want to play with a small group im 21 myself and all but 1 are from the UK.
  3. I agree zombies need to become a danger first but before full release i think little touches like this would really add to the game.
  4. Hi I've put around 35 hours into SA now and have a few ideas based around real life which would make sense to have in the game and add more thought and depth to equipment. On the inventory screen you see your different clothing items have different slots and at the moment clothing items are just extra slots for gear. I suggest that where you put your items for example a magazine or a bandage make a difference like if you have a tac vest on and your magazines are in there your reload should be quite quite but if its in your bergen/backpack your character would have to take a knee and open it making the time it took to reload much longer. I also think this should be the same for anything in your bergen/backpack if you want to access it you have to physically open it not just open the inventory screen you should only be able to access what you have on your persons i.e tac vest and pockets. I think belt kit should be added as well because there more common that chest rigs in reality and they could be modular for example you could find different size pouches or pouches similiar to the containers that suit a certain role like a med pouch, ammo pouch, water bottle pouch, utility pouch and so on. I think this would add variety to the level of customisation a character can have as there are many different types not just military like hunters, police, backpackers, EMTs and probably quite a few more. They could start as basic as a belt and a pocketknife or flashlight pouch. with these suggestions i think the hotbar should be changed to only allow you have on there what is on your person. What do you guys thinks?
  5. Show wear&tear of clothes/item/weapons

    Im not sure about anything else but i know with the UK assault vest dpm if its pristine it looks like brand new dpm quite bright and the battered stuff looks work and changes colour.
  6. Military bases

    I agree i think that Balotta loot spawns should be tuned down and when they have the abiliity to, add A LOT of zombies there to make it harder for people to spawn by the coast gear up in 5 minutes and just sit there waiting for players to ambush or the loot to respawn. When they get more items in the game i think military grade items like the scopes, M4's and the camo clothes and anything military orientated should only spawn up north in the airfields or very rarely down south and again add hundreds of zombies to the military areas so that your encouraged to work together to clear the zombies first. So instead of just everyone spawning at Balotta, you spawn loot the coast for basics like food water maybe a old weapon and some warm clothes and are encouraged to move inland for better loot and if you want military loot go up north where the risk of death is higher by zombies, better geared up playes and organized groups.
  7. Base Building. Just an idea.

    I think bases need to be in the game eventually but using houses makes it so easy to server hop into.
  8. Radios/Walkie Talkie Idea + (Pics)

    Nice idea man i was thinking maybe the radios be different types depending what the are, there's 3 types of radios that operate on different frequency ranges, VHF very high freq, HF high freq, and UHF ultra high like real life each with different ranges as they get comms in different methods so you would need different radios for different areas or situations. I think it would be cool if they have channels that add to the story behind DayZ like NPC transmissions or mayday recordings, aswell as channels that move frequency so you would have to work to find them that give the coordinates to something like supply drops or caches.
  9. DayZ SA ~ Cannot talk or hear direct chat.

    Hi i have a similar situation i can send and see messages and i can hear when people are bugged and speaking in global but i cannot speak or hear direct communication. I haven't been able to find anything on it either so frustrating.
  10. DayZ Standalone Group

    hello mate im looking for a group aswell im 21 and from the uk ill send you my skype in a pm
  11. Hey man im looking for a player/small group to team up with also and from the UK add me on skype miles-1992
  12. Hey man ill group up with you my skype is miles-1992.
  13. Looking for friendly team!

    Hey man im from the UK would like to group up aswell add me on skype miles-1992