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  1. Camo Face in DayZ

  2. Camo Face in DayZ

    I never found the guides/vids for it hence this post. I don't feel like looking them up now either. Perhaps you could link them. Also, it could definitely be a waste of time for others to mess with another mod, but I learned to install mods properly in the process of trying to change my face/skin, so it wasn't a complete waste of time for me personally.
  3. Camo Face in DayZ

    Read this before you post something stupid. You can simply edit some text in a file for a camo face as seen in the first method. The second method uses a mod if you can't figure out how to edit the file. Of course, you are probably too dumb to figure out how to install a mod if you can't figure out how to edit the file. This works in DayZ and other people CAN see the face you choose. Method 1 ~~~~~~~~~~ 1) Open the "Yourname.ArmA2OAProfile" (in Documents/ARMA2 folder) with notepad 2) Use the search function (press CTRL+F) for "class Identity" and you should find something that looks like this: class Identity { face="Face01"; glasses="Tactical"; speaker="Male02"; squad=""; pitch=0.97714806; 3) Go through this list of face classnames: http://www.armatechs...5165f/A2/Faces/ (if the above link doesn't work, use this one, scroll down untill you see faces and click on it) http://www.armatechs...65f/indexA2.php 4) Choose a face you like and add its classname into the face line. Example: face="Face01_camo2"; 5) Save the file and dont change any settings in the profile section in the game. The camouflage face will not be displayed there. ..." Method 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~ Arma2 doesn't give you access to faces with comouflage in your profile. However there is a way to use them: First, learn how to install mods. http://www.armaholic....php?e=faq&q=18 You have to use option 2 for installing mods for Operation Arrowhead. Second, download and install the mod found here ---> http://www.armaholic...ge.php?id=13978 Once that is installed, you may start Arma2 OA or Arma2 CO with the ASR profile face unlocker mod enabled. You can then see all available camo faces for your character. Once you've chosen a face, save your profile, then exit arma2. Restart Arma2 with the ASR profile face unlocker mod disabled for happy fun play time. If you don't disable the mod before you attempt to play online, servers will prevent you from joining due to your ineligible mod.
  4. Need Medical Assistance? We can help.

    Dr. W gave me blood. he left. zombie vibrated his atoms fast enough to move through a solid door and broke my leg. Dr. W came right back and fixed me up again. he's a great man
  5. Need Medical Assistance? We can help.

    I asked Dr. Wasteland to bring me blood since i was down to 3.8k and couldn't see worth a damn. After waiting 15 min for him to do his laundry, then another 15 for him to get to me, he was pumping me full of life. Thanks Dr. Wasteland :D