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  1. Spray paint in 0.63??????????

    No, they start as a straw color.
  2. Help! Spawn without loot.

    I had the exact same issue, funnily enough I was also near Zelenogorsk when this happened. For you Einsteins who believe he joined a different server, note that he logged in at the same spot with the same character. His equipment was gone. I had the same thing, ended up with nothing.
  3. Peter did get one thing right with his initial criticism of DayZ's dispersion - a longer barrel is not going to be inherently more precise than a shorter one (what it does do is provide more velocity). They could have fixed such things about the implementation of dispersion rather than getting rid of it completely. Maybe I'm the stupid one but I do not see any reason for removing a feature that adds authenticity and differentiates between the weapons. Why would anyone want each weapon to have the same inherent precision? They can go play PUBG or some other game less concerned with authenticity if that's what they want. I'm worried about how easily this direction was taken by the dev team. It is antithetical to what DayZ used to be about, and what used to make it different from other games.
  4. I would finally be able to play this game without everyone having a personal invisible surveillance drone over their heads.
  5. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    Okay, so, checking the timestamps of my screenshots, we put some shoes, a mag, and a rifle on the floor and 1 hour and 2 minutes later, without having been interacted with, the items are still there. Bodies from around the same time persisted about as long too (I eventually skinned them so I forget the time). Has anyone else made note of this? When did they increase the despawn timer for items and bodies?

    No, attachments will look like they are a certain color after you have painted yours. That is to say, paint an MP stock, and every MP stock you find afterwards looks like it is green, but it isn't. If you attach it to an M4 and then relog, it will appear as its true color. To find out the real color, just hover over and check the description. If it's painted, it will say so.
  7. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    Huh, I seemed to have missed that. It's strange because some servers are up. Usually they all go down.
  8. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    Is it just me, or are almost all servers down? The server list is looking very thin, and all of the private hives I actually play and have characters on are offline.
  9. Gear wipe bug. Spawning in naked

    This happened to me, I was double carrying, AK74 with a flashlight and a normal handguard in my hands. It might be fuckery caused by changing the handguard after adding a rail attached item? I did not have a bipod on either rifle. (M4 on back) I suppose after reading this thread I'll try to not use any rail attached items. They are after all useless anyway..
  10. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    Holy fucking shit, I am literally trapped in the fucking Novo tower. Does anyone know if there is actually a way to open the fucking doors? This is driving me nuts now.
  11. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    Has anyone had any luck attaching/swapping handguards in this patch? I can't seem to get it to work on the AKs nor the M4.
  12. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    I wish we could at least STOP the server browser from refreshing once we have enough servers to choose from. I realize fixing the insane lag in the server browser is gonna take a while, but at least let us stop the refreshing. The browser is impossible to use while it is refreshing, and I do not need 800 servers to choose from.
  13. About Weapons

    chris i am your bitch for finally delivering on FAL hype
  14. Where is everyone?

    People are still hanging on the coast like toads. Even Balota sees a good amount of traffic, despite having been made near worthless in the last few patches.
  15. Why are whitelisted public servers allowed? Admins should not even be able to set these two settings at the same time. Whitelisting on a private server = good way to herd together a close community and avoid hackers. Whitelisting on a public server = an even easier way for clans or pay2win idiots to loot risk-free vs the frowned-upon 'join = kick' servers that are already forbidden in the EULA.