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    Experimental Update 1.04.151915

    Okay, two guns on the back, holding R to reload and visible equipped grenades with the ability to throw items are all huge improvements. Well done. However, I do think that the amount of added in assault rifles is getting a bit out of hand and risks watering down the whole experience seeing as we have so many ARs already. Now is the time to focus on giving us back more immersive things like the fishing mechanic or getting colds from the rain if unprotected. And to respond to what someone added above, being able to survive off the land in a survival simulator is hardly a flavor feature.
  2. Kent Gissing

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    Here is a clear example of what I am talking about.
  3. Kent Gissing

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    What do you mean "offline mode"? How do you play offline?
  4. Kent Gissing

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    Lol, just had another absurd close call. Drove a LADA to the town of Krasnostav, made it through the city without much incident, then just as I was about to exit on the other side of town I figured I would run down a zombie because he was more or less in the way. Well, the Zombie remained standing up and clipped through the car unharmed, and I was like "Uh-oh"... if you drive a car straight through a frozen zombie and he just passes through, then you know what's about to happen. And true enough, just as I figured, the next moment the game suddenly warp-jumps me and the car all the way back (!!) to a point on the road before we even had entered the town, it was like going through a hyperspace tunnel without all the fancy effects. XD I slammed down on the brakes hard and luckily, this time I managed to come to a complete stop without crashing into anything. But my heart was racing almost as much as if I had been in a PvP skirmish. I think this thread should just be about people talking about their close calls. You just kind of have to laugh at it at this point. ^^
  5. Kent Gissing

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    That would be a possible reason. However, I am running my own server on the same PC I use to play. And no, it is actually a closed server, so for all intents and purposes it is only me in that world. The intent is for me to be able to use my own server environment as sort of a test realm for myself when it comes to things like building bases or learning to drive cars without running the risk of being sniped by some PvP jagoff with a scope. ^^ But yeah, so lag is not really an issue here, unless there is some necessary data being transmitted from my server to Steam and then back to my PC again.
  6. Something I really hate when driving any car in this game is the fact that every once in a while, the game will just randomly give you a boost and you will end up wrecking the car against a wall or a tree. Or, which has happened to me frequently, the game will bounce you several meters back on the road and you have that moment of being temporarily disoriented and the turn you had just begun to execute now leads you straight into a barrier. These things seem to happen most often in cities, probably has something to do with loading and rendering, but it still makes driving extremely hazardous if you want to keep the car which you have spent hours and hours to build and maintain, as the cars are extremely fragile. Just now I had a Volga in pristine condition, I snail-paced myself past barriers in Elektro and then suddenly WOOOSH, a sudden boost straight into a block of concrete, car ruined and everything is going to have to be collected again. It's getting to that point where cars are just goals in and of themselves; get the car, park it in a tent and have it collect dust while you enjoy the achievment, but actually drive it at your own peril. What I want to know is, is it a known bug that others are experiencing too or is it something that just happens to me? I have a private server where I have an unnaturally fast day-night cycle, but other than that, I have made no particular changes to any default settings.