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  1. Cory Reagan

    Shotguns/usg/loot spawn.

    Btw, he one shot me and I got my shots off at least 10 seconds before he even shot at me.
  2. Cory Reagan

    Shotguns/usg/loot spawn.

    Shotguns are a little too op, and you need to fix the damn usg plz it's terrible, last night I died to a dude using buck 00 which is bullshit, because I shot him in the face 5 times and in the chest 3 times he had a hat on and no chest armor, I had plate carrier and assault helmet with the face shield, what is even going on bro like, buck 00 can kill you in one hit full gear but slugs take like 3 plus shots to kill someone not really geared, also guns are still not spawning I've still run into nothing but sk's I hope I don't have to search for an ak for a whole month and not find a single one again or I'm just done with this game, other than this I'm happy with the update, wish y'all would have done a wipe thought, probably would have helped with loot, game is coming along pre well I like the new UI too.
  3. Cory Reagan

    When ya gonna actually fix your game.

    Soo recently I heard you guys were spending your funds on a rollercoaster on Google, correct me if that's wrong but yeah when you gonna spend Money y'all earn fixing the game faster instead of on bullshit, like we all love this game and want it fixed, I mean I'd love to actually find ka-m's and m4's spent five fuckin days trying to and ended up dying cause all I found was sks's I like them but I don't need 5 at once in the same fucking room, also your website is fucking broken too I had to hit make account with my google account cause when I tried making an account I couldn't type my email in and it just kept deleting my username I tried making.