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    O yes, there's definitely Wolves out there. You used to hear them quite a bit off before encountering them. Last night I got quite a fright, man gives me the chills lol.
  2. GazCc

    Can someone help me please...

    Sam contact the devs on Twitter, they're pretty good at getting back. Never seen this particular issue before.
  3. GazCc

    Keyboard support on one X

    Just watched the devs live stream on mixer. They said that mouse and keyboard won't be introduced in 1.2 or 1.3
  4. GazCc

    Hey there!

    Hi AD, I was the same as you when I was first introduced to Dayz preview. Never played a game like it before and was always into short endgames like cod and bf. The game itself is a masterpiece with some flaws. Every time I log in is another adventure, and every adventure is different. Getting familiar with the mechanics of the game can also be easy. Everything thing you do in the game like crafting to drinking pond water is entirely the same as you have done in real life. The players of Dayz are also a good bunch of people. You may encounter a bandit looking for your gear but as you go on you will learn the little tactics they try and put in place to fool you. Some say trust no one. If you do decide to jump on the game feel free to message me and join our server. Would be happy to show you the basics of survival. 🎒 GazC