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    Hey there!

    I'm not asking someone for the game, I wanted to try it out before I make the decision of purchasing it, by the way, I already have a job and better things to spend money on - I just don't want to regret this purchase as it is a video game and would be kind of silly when you can eat for a whole week with that kind of cash.
  2. aDjidas

    Hey there!

    I recently got my Xbox used and I don't have any friends who have Xbox's nor own DayZ, still trying to find a way to get it cheap on the internet somewhere, my girlfriend would kill me if she found out I spent 50 euros on a videogame lmao 😂 perhaps you would let me try it out? If so feel free to contact me via PM. Unfortunately, you could only when it was on preview and now it's not possible anymore. Anyways, I would like to thank everyone for their feedback, hopefully, we can meet online one day!
  3. aDjidas

    Hey there!

    I don't have a PC that could even barely run DayZ and seems like I won't anytime soon, but on the other hand, I own an Xbox and I'm so hyped on youtube videos that I really want to try it, but I'm kind of concerned that I will be disappointed.
  4. aDjidas

    Hey there!

    I'm referring to gift codes and such you can purchase on the internet to get the game cheaper than it is on the Microsoft Store, same as with steam and sites that sell you game keys for much cheaper. I've yet failed to find any sellers for DayZ so far - on Xbox that is.
  5. aDjidas

    Hey there!

    I'm currently looking into buying the game on my Xbox One, but I've seen so many bad reviews I'm not even sure if I want to save up 50$ to get the game! My question to all of you loyal DayZ community members is: would you recommend someone like me who never have even touched the game once buy it and do you know if there are some cheap Xbox One game codes floating around the internet? Thank you!