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    solved...Pings all 180+ not sure if that is normal

    Seems I got it fixed. I disabled the second nic I had installed months ago to trouble shoot a once a week crash issue that developed (That turned out I just can't keep the old i7 OC to 3.8Ghz anymore, nine years was all I can get, though now I have a SSD and more RAM, so maybe it was the new components that did't like the 181 FSB, but after lowering it to 3.6 it had been solid for months, so I decided to use the second nic for just DVRing). I don't really need the second nic, just unpluged it an put that into a switch and the pings in game went down to 137 range. During my research I found the dayz sa launcher and tried that and I find games in NJ with a 32 ping. Thanks all who helped. You can murder me as payback as I have a feeling I still have a ways to go before I am anywhere competitive, but I will have fun AND die trying.
  2. Dr._Buzzkill

    solved...Pings all 180+ not sure if that is normal

    When i am alone, LMB will swing the knife. When fighting a zomb, it seems not to always swing. Do i need to be holding down the RMB while fighting and just clicking LMB? I definitely can kill them, but sometimes they just don't want to die.
  3. Dr._Buzzkill

    solved...Pings all 180+ not sure if that is normal

    I went home and took everything off the router but this pc, put it in DMZ and nothing changed. I ping great online otherwise when I try speed tests around the USA. The highest was 80 on the west coast, lowest 11ms in NY. I have a GTX 1070 so my technology, except for my gen one i7 cpu is newish. I only go on servers with low player count...nothing seems laggy except the zombies, but I have not even seen anyone except one guy who shot a newb on the beach...only saw him for a couple seconds before he killed me. Hope he liked the apple.
  4. Dr._Buzzkill

    solved...Pings all 180+ not sure if that is normal

    I wanted to add that the controls are very different to me. I always use a mouse4 thumb button for melee, but the game is set up different for combat. I fear years of pc fighting have me wacking the wrong keys, so i am also just trying to find a melle weapon and start fights with zombies to see how much of this is muscle memory issues. My character seems to get no pushback and i am thinking my methodmis all wrong. Im trying to keep a distance and sidestep swing as they charge...not my usual thing, but i have not figured out how to win all the time withiut taking damage
  5. Dr._Buzzkill

    solved...Pings all 180+ not sure if that is normal

    Thanks for the reply. I am fairly tech savy and have verified the cache, turned off the second nic in the machine. Unistalled battleye and reinstalled. My pings aand speed tests show the fast speeds of optimum cable. Never had an issue. It is a Win7 i7 machine with 12 gigs ram, video card has 8gigs ram runnning malwarebytes and and mse only. I keep the system fairly lean and mean *in mymind at least. The game runs well otherwise with not much chatter, some servers seem to have some doorway issues, but nothing else seems bad. When i have the pings listed in low to high order, the best evêr ping listed is like 160 and sometimes the best is 200, worst i think was 590 or so, but that is my range. Lynksys router runs ddwrt and has been a good router for a while. If i can find the portsmi would forward them to the machine. I do have a 18 camera system running in the house, but im pretty sure all cameras go throuh switches and not the router. The server is in the basement. I am going to unplug evrything from my router, reboot it and just plug in the pc to see if that has any effect when i get home tonight. Any other suggestions are appreciated. I have other switches to change things up if the video streams are messing things up, but i have gigabit netwirk and the streams are like 2 percent of capabilities.
  6. I am having trouble melee killing. My buttons are different than other games, so that is part of it, but zombies move a bit choppy and i am wondering if it is a latency issue... i am on a cable modem with a fast connection for everything else. In the USA , NYC area. Im pretty experienced with fps games having started on an atari playing castle wolfenstein. I have only had three characters so far and two have died geared ok from zombies *so sad. Just checking to see if the pings seem normal before i die again like the newb i am. Any thought are appreiated