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    Could npc traders be added to the game?

    Terrible idea. 👎👎👎
  2. BodybyEBT

    Things I'd like to see added/changed/removed.....

    I do like the post, the biggest thing I would like is the player locked servers similar to ARK survival evolved. I also believe private servers wouldn’t be a bad idea. Private servers could be an extra way for Bohemia to rake in some extra cash which could also help with the updates to this great game. I do agree with most everything you posted, however; I do not like the idea of your character having a player/infected count. That would promote PvP and I do not think that is what this game is about. It is a survival game and you must be aware of your surroundings and other players, but other survival games like SCUM offer rewards (other than loot) for killing other players and it kinda ruins the game. This is all just my two cents and I am very pleased with the game. I just really hope the developers look into some of the conversations going on in the forums because dayz has literally become my favorite game of all time and I’d like for future updates to keep its longevity continuing forward.