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    KoSers are alive and well

    I agree with Mike on mil based, they are hot zones and all is fair. I too camp them often and hunt the server hoppers. Easy loot and only cost a bullet or 2 for delivery. If a person speaks up I will hold fire, but still play it safe. I have met and still play with a good bit of people I choose not to shoot, even some that tried to shoot me. I have been on both ends of KOS as well as shot in the back after meeting and rolling with someone for a bit. Play it smart and stay prepared.


    Northwest of Zelengorks and around Myshkino I have been seeing them regularly 3 or 4 times in past 4 or 5 days. Lot of spawns too in those areas.


    Recently no. They do have one that wipes a character when you get stuck in database.

    You were north of that resort past the dam

    Was not us. We are on a different server.

    You were north of that resort past the dam

    West of Zelongorsk? Which server. I have been hanging out in that area since update.

    Sks or cr?

    I have a few in village/civilian houses and farm locations, big long barns. Scopes I find faitly common in the hunting cabins.

    Sks or cr?

    Sk is going to be better short and mid range fighting and good at longer ranges. CR with scope will be challenging at close but good for mid and great for longer range. Depending on your play style and plans, it depends on which may be best. Personally I think the SK would better all around and offer the most versitilaty if your traveling and looting. 10 rnd mag, semi auto with decent fire rate CR better for hunting people down and picking off at distances. 5 rnd mag, bolt action and slower fire rate.

    New night cycle time!

    Personallly I like the new night time and I feel more comfortable looting and navigating in the dark. Less chance to be seen by players. Zombies are easy to deal with, stay low and slow, know your surroundings and have plan in the event things go south. Dont worry about noise. Shoot zombiest dead, when clear, move and take new position or get out of area if can. Leave or survey area for anyone coming in and deal with it how you see fit. I have been playing since realise on xbox and spent most of my time learning the map and towns rather than pvp and kill freshy's on the coast and clearly it has helped based off the comments people have been posting and players I have sent to the coast. I have learned where people tend to go, server hop, and camp so I avoid those areas or set up to survey and ambush them if see fit. I take my time and listen for others. Little more tricky now with having to wear shoes but it puts others at same disadvantage. Best advise i got was you cannot be afraid to die and loose what you have. It's just a game and you can get it all back. Stop worrying about dying, get busy killing or get busy dying and gaining experience.

    Using A Scope

    I did use the PSO on AK this morning and it scooped in and out just fine for me like the rest have so far. Only problem is still any kind of optics, (scope, binos, or range finders) do not work in hand for glassing/surveying.

    Hunting scope zoom

    Same issue here. Holding right D pad only takes to mid zoom.

    OG Xbox performance

    OG here with 500gb SSD. Game has been way better since update and really haven't had any issues. As mentioned occasionally get the 1 to 2 sec freeze at some weather/wind changes but not all and not often. Have not experienced any frame drops/ lag either. Now I haven't been to a Solinchy war yet or drove a car through town but all other comparison has been without issues. Game has only crashed once out of roughly 16 hour of game play.

    Using A Scope

    Just to make sure your doing it right. Hold L trigger to bring gun up > click right stick to aim down site/ iron sights > (while still holding L trigger) hit right D pad to switch to scope. Holding right d pad takes you back to iron sights. I have use all sights but PSO and N8ght vidon without issue on Mosin, SK, CR, UMP, M4, and SG5. Bino's, range finder, or scopes currently do not work in hand to look at stuff.