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    Is the glitched gun bug back ?

    MP5's can spawn glitched like that. I did have same issue with AK that I took off a guy I killed in Zelongorsk. No idea if it was duped or not. After having it for about a week and not having any issues it just clicked when I pulled trigger and would not unload the mag. Sometime with in an hour prior to that, my buddy had a tundra do the same thing. It was not a duped weapon as we found it at the castle west of Zelongorsk, he loaded and when he went to shoot someone later that evening with it, It just clicked. I killed the guy with my CR-527. Later tried to pipe a guy my AK and night vision scope and that's when mine jammed. There is some bug out there, but not convinced it is duped guns as the Tundra was spawned.

    Fire Barrels

    I found a fire barrel today and it would not let me pick it up either. Only option it gave me was to open/close it.


    Only time I run without one is if i haven't found one yet. 9 out of 10 close combat encounters it's what I use. Has saved me many of times.


    Packs and their contents will despawn if left for so long. Only way to save them is store in dry pack(burried), tent, or car. Or hold in your hand when you log out.

    Dayz Battle royale: quest for M4

    ^^^Agreed. This isn't a casual game. It isn't a loot and shoot. Its survive with what you find. I kind of hope they leave those guns some kind of rare. Was kind of dumb to run past freshies on the coast loaded down with M4s, AKs, and VSDs prior to 1.0. Too many people want to make this game about the Guns when that's no where near the intentions. Wish they would release the bow, I would probably use it more than anything. I understand the frustration and agree duping should be addressed and fixed, my hopes are it would have been by now, but its not, so..oh well. No one needs those gund to survive and enjoy them game. If you feel you do then maybe it's not for those people. Plenty of other guns that are just as good if not better depending on the situation. Personally I cannot understand why every "has to have" the M4 or AK. I don't even bother with them and really didnt much before 1.0. 9 out of 10 times between my shotgun and bolt rifle/SKS, I'll take out the guy with the M4 or AK. The shotgun puts them down. Any of the bolt actions or SKS will take them out in 1 to 2 hits with good placement.

    Assault vest buttpack

    Kind of funny how I read this post last night while loading up the xbox and the game. I was surprised to have not seen either the butt pack or plate carrier pouches myself or crossed anyone with them with all the bases I have hit over a large number of hours since the update. Logged and wasnt far from the single barrack just west of troitskoe, looted it and found a butt pack. Hit up Troitskoe them went down to NWAF. Got on today and met up with a friend just to the north of NWAF, took him to Troitskoe since he had never been and found pouches for the plate carrier. They are out there. Just have to hit the bases at the right time in between the server hoppers.

    Vicinity Issues

    The Bush issue was fixed in one of the updates prior to 1.0, but seems to be back. The close vicinity issues, I agree that I dont think is a bug. At 1.0 you could loot through some walls. I believe the reduced radius was to fix that, possibly, but I cannot say 100% that was the reason.

    Animal Pelts

    So it's the same as the burlap pack you can make. Good to know. Thanks for the info.

    M70 Tundra not shooting (AK also now)

    Well then I'll raise you on your bullshit call. But first off just to correct your bullshit accusation, I am not a duper. M70 was found at the castle northwest of myshkino, just south of Zabolotye. Ammo was found at tents west of Myshkino, and scope was found at cabins just south at the hunting cabins. My buddy took it as I had the AK and CR-527. AK was looted off a confirmed server hopper in Zelengorsk mil base. We cleared it, took up position to camp it and watched him walk out of a barrack that no one went in. Its origins are unknown to me and may very well be a duped gun, but I dont know cause I killed the SOB that had it. The AK did work as it killed a guy the day before and accidently reloaded it within a hour or two of trying to shoot someone with it. Had it for about a week and never had any issues with it. Both guns experienced the same issue within about an hour or so of each other. My buddy had issue with M70 in day light trying to shoot a guy, his clicked, my CR didnt so that guy did die too. My issue with the AK was at night with night vision scope. Not sure how long you been playing, but this was a fairly common issue in the first couple months the game came out into preview. Prior to 1.0 I bet I had used tons of duped guns during the many solinichy factory/Kamy wars I participated in and never had that issue with any of them. Some of which were carried for weeks at a time and used often. The SGK's spawn broken for what ever reason, the AK worked before, M70 was never shot before the issue so not sure if it spawned that way or not.

    Animal Pelts

    I'm not sure. Been trying to figure it out myself. If/when working it is to craft clothes and bag

    M70 Tundra not shooting (AK also now)

    Yes this was my fear. Hadn't seen it in so long. I know the SG5's have been glitching with mags stuck in them since 1.0. Sucks that it is happening again.

    M70 Tundra not shooting (AK also now)

    Yes started with him and the M70. Found it earlier yesterday afternoon, loadedit, but never tried to or shot it until it just clicked. Held onto it until the sever rebooted to see if it would fix it, only had 45 mins until then. Came back onto same server and still didnt work. Not long after the server restart, I went to pull the trigger on the AK to shoot someone and it just clicked. 1 the in the chamber and 29 in the mag. The AK will not let me take the mag out. Holding Y does nothing. Manual try to remove the mag and it shows the circle with line through it briefly but then does nothing. All guns, ammo and mags were in worn or Prestine condition. By unchamber do you mean un-jam? Or can you cycle the action to remove the loaded round?

    M70 Tundra not shooting (AK also now)

    Anyone had any issues with the Tundra not shooting? Gun is Prestine and ammo was Prestine when loaded. A buddy and I found one today. Had a box of ammo and scope already. Attached scope, opened ammo and loaded gun. Showing 1 rnd chamber and 4 in the mag. Pull the trigger and it clicks like its empty. And now my AK that worked earlier doesn,t work. Just clicks. Killed a guy yesterday with it. It's in worn condition and wont reload either. It was reloading earlier this evening just fine b/c I accisently did it. Server reset about 15 or 20 minutes prior to me trying to shoot someone is only thing that changed.

    Underground stash is empty?

    Where you can select the tab to show or hide the contents, check that. Had a tent that was showing open, had to click hide and then show again to see what was in it. Have had two barrels do the same thing.

    General tips for Xbox players.

    Couldnt agree more. Everyone pay attention to Rule #1. That's the most important. #8 is a key one also. Learn the map or atleast go try to see all of and then learn the area you like the most. Make navigating in the darkness alot easier also without lights. #6 is another good one. Dont carry what your not going to us and dont weigh yourself down. Best to keep atleast 50% of your stamina. One I would add and maybe it goes with #17, learn to use all the guns available. You do not need an AK or an M4 to win a gun fight. Hell first gun I try to find is a shotgun w/ buckshot and always keep one on me. Have used it to kill more people that AKs, M4s, and USG/SG5s than any other gun. Practice makes perfect. I dont mean camping and shooting someone in the back. Or spawn hopping positions. Fight them head on. And if you know the map you can easily get geared again in an hour two.