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  1. Christopher122

    Console Noob help

    So i am a peasant wanting in on the elites. Knowing nothing about the lastest hardware, since the last computer I built was in 2005, what computer should I get or parts to use in a build that can run dayz smooth with and without mods. Also i am not interested in any of that VR junk so I know that saves me about 300 dollars. Looking for people who specifically play the game, input.
  2. Christopher122

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    So wait, is it confirmed bleeding feet for barefooters?
  3. Christopher122

    Future Mod Support?

    We will have to see. Since game is PvP, any modded server would have to either private/ ‘casual’. Any people who for some reason play dayz to be ‘competitive’ would have their dedicated servers as well. It works on PC. I don’t see how the Xbox wouldn’t be capable. Make downloading mods at the players’ discretion and Bohemia wouldn’t be held accountable for any players feeling at an ‘unfair’ advantage
  4. Christopher122

    Future Mod Support?

    Yeah. Fallout 4 is the best example I can think of. I feel like giving pc modders access to Xbox would extend the life of the game dramatically. Used to play GMOD back in the day, when you would join a sever with mods, it would download them so you could play. Same think I feel could be easily implemented.
  5. Christopher122

    Global Defense Contracting

    Hey, Intrested in a Job with GDC. I have 5-6 years combat experience on Navy EOD. I was part of mobile unit 6 that was deployed to Chenarus during the initial outbreak. I am concerned at the condition of the country now, and seeing how the National Chenarus army and the UN failed to take control of the situation due to bureaucracy, I think it’s pertinent for PMCs to help and also take advantage of the business opportunity. I can do LRRPs, Hostage rescue, Urban Response, Secruity, Bomb disposial, HRT, VIP secruity. Whatever you need gt: FunkeyMonkey84 discord: Funkthemonk #8917 prefer to be contacted on Xbox.
  6. Christopher122

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    Variety in gear would be cool. I would have liked to have tucked my pants into my Tan Jungle boots while wearing CUU pants to look more like a Marine Lol.
  7. Christopher122

    Future Mod Support?

    Just throwing the idea out there. I know several games on Xbox have implemented PC modding. There is even a file manager on Xbox already. If we get community servers/private, this could be implemented right? Ex. Only way to Connect to the server with mods is having all of them downloaded. (before you be a smart***, not all of us can afford a PC, :) )