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    Player Stats Tracking

    Hmmm okay thanks for the response. Implementing it myself could be worth it for me, since then I learn a bit about scripting in DayZSA (the new Engine). I just need point where to start, like a good documentation about the game API/Code what I can use etc.
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    Official Cinematic Trailer

    Looks really good, too good..
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    Player Stats Tracking

    Hello there first :) I found these entries in the script.log files StatsEventMeasuresData 2 | DistanceVehicle: 0; TimeVONIn: 0; TimeVONOut: 0; CntLootAny: 0; CntLootFood: 0; CntLootCloth: 0; CntLootFirearm: 0; CntLootAmmo: 0; CntKillInfected: 0; CntConsumedFood: 0; CntConsumedWater: 0; HealthRestored: 0; CntFiredAmmo : 0; CntCraftedItem: 0 But the Data never gets updated sadly, I would like to create some gamification for my users. The more actions and stats I could track from each player, like walked meters, killed zombies ("CntKillInfected") etc, the better. Do you know something about this? Thanks for reading.