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  1. Hey guys I got a server recently and its all ready to go, all gun mods, vanillaplusplus so you can choose your character at the start (Might seem like you're gonna crash coming in but you won't just let it load) We have Traders At Green Mountain/Kumyrna. You Can Build Bases Anywhere! (Must Build 250ft From Military Bases/Compounds Though) We Are RP Encouraged But KOS IS Allowed. We Have A Discord As Well With A Lot More Information! https://discord.gg/Ykwd6Bh The Following Are Prohibited On Our Servers: 1. Use Of Bots 2. Third-Party Software & Bugs 3. Impersonating An Admin/Moderator 4. Racist/Homophobic/Toxic Comments 5. Despawning Loot - This Applies In Any Case Where You're Despawning Your Loot So Others Can't Have It (Like When Being Raided). 6. Griefing - Don't Intentionally Mess With People's Buildings If You're Not Raiding Them. You're Allowed To Destroy Whatever In A Raid. 7. KOS Is Allowed But Not Recommended - We At Least Encourage Getting People Back Up After You Down Them (Still Take Their Shit Of Course). 8. Don't Build Within 250ft Of Any Military Compound/Base