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  1. Bump: Guys the last dayz update made it to where you can rotate items! its really really nice come try it out on our server! ^^^^^^
  2. Bump: server is all set up! come play
  3. Bump: server has been running smooth af the last few days, no crashes
  4. Bump: server is running good:D jeeps run awesome too
  5. Bump: Got all mods updated, server has been running smooth! come play!
  6. Bump: Removed @BaseBuildingPlus (Pretty Buggy Mod, Getting dbo_surfaces mod back in too!
  7. BUMP: Server Event Today! Join In Discord To See More Info
  8. come grinddd don't forget to use the DZSA Launcher it will install all the mods for you, makes life easy, check the discord on how to! #how-to-connect
  9. Bump: Jeeps Are Nice Again! We Also Added In A Map So You Can Press "M" and a map opens, you can see where you are and place markers! server is running good today! even got a nvg mod! so hop on and get that grind going
  10. Bump: Not too many changes today, just removed the mod @BleedTrail. (Getting smacked by a zombie and having a bleeding effect for an hour is annoying) Server is up and running just fine! come play!
  11. Bump: We added in the best base build mod! build like its rust!
  12. Bump. Here Is Today's Change-log On This Server! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mods Added: -@InventoryPlus (Just Lets You Jog With Inventory Open) -@InfectedWolf (Cosmetic, Wolfs Look Infected & Scary!) -@TraderWallet (You Can Now Have A Wallet To Store Your Money!) -@DayZ-Expansion-Chat (World Wide Chat, Chat With The Whole Server & Easily Get Hold Of Admins In Game!) -@BridgePrison (There's Now A Bridge Leading To Prison Island! NOTE:No Base Building At The Prison, It Spawns Military Gear & We Would Like To Use It For Events In The Future! You Can Totally Still Go Visit/Loot It Up, Just Don't Plan On Making It Your Home Or We'll Have To Help You Move!) (Also Updated All Current Mods Already Installed/Adjusted The Time Cycle/Jeep Inventory Should be Fixed!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Trader Changes: -Added The MossBerg 590 Shotgun -Added The 30rnd Version Glock18 -Added All Blaze Variants -Added The Trader Wallet To Misc Tab -Made More Changes To Ammo Prices -Made Assault Weapons 1k More Expensive -Balanced Out Side-Arm Prices (Low Price Change) -Balanced Out Shotgun Prices -Renamed Some Tabs -Organized A Lot Of Tabs -Moved Items To The Supplies/Defenses Tab -Moved Cannabis To The Farming/Growing Tab -Moved Hatchet To Tools (big) Tab -Changed Price Of Chicken -Changed Canned Food Pricing -Cleaned Up Misc Trader -Changed Some Ammo Pricing Around To Balance It -Changed The Ballistic/Tanker Helmet Prices To Match All Sections -Changed Price Of Cannabis (You Get A Lot Of Bud When Growing, It Was Really Easy To Make Money From It So We're Gonna Try This Price & See How It Goes, This Can Always Change Again) We Just Got The Bridge To The Prison Island Setup! Even Added Custom Loot/Puzzle At The New Warehouse At The Prison! There's A Door Blocked Off With A CodeLock, Inside The Storage Room Are Modded Weapons/Gear w/Attachments! There Are Hints To Figure Out What The Code Might Be, If You Have Access To This Room You'll Have A Good Loot Spot For Rares Not Many People Are Hitting!
  13. Hey! The-Revolution Is Recruiting! We're A Faction On A RP-Encouraged (Still KOS) Server! We're Recruiting Now! What We Do Is Help Other Friendly Survivors, We Try To Capture Bandits Alive & Jail Them, We're Pretty Much Heros Of Chernarus But We Don't Take Any BS! We don't let other groups/factions take advantage of us! Everyone In The-Revolution Is Family! We Run With Each-other & Nobody gets Left Behind! NOBODY! If You're Interested In Joining Up, Want To Play With Some Chill People, Make New Freinds, And Just Have An Awesome Time Then Join The Discord! It's The Easiest Way To Contact Us, And Will Be The Fastest Way To Join Up! (Some Of Us Like To Make Content Too! Good Way To Collaborate With Other Streamers/YouTubers! Discord: https://discord.gg/Ykwd6Bh
  14. Revohh

    Gun On Back Not Shoulder

    wouldn't want it straight up and down either, have it sitting diagonal on your back