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  1. Shaggoth

    Make fish eatable again

    That's probably not that hard
  2. Shaggoth

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    if someone can fix fish fillet to be eatable (right now you just vomit after eating), we can add fishnet to spawn, they're actually somehow works, and you can catch some fish.
  3. Shaggoth

    Create Craft Mod

    this example is extremelly unrealistic :)
  4. Shaggoth

    custom start gear for multiple members

  5. new melee is absolutelly unbearable and actually looks very stupid. how the hell that coulb be intended changes? :S well.. i hope some mod will fix that. other than that, i had no real problems yet.
  6. Shaggoth

    Brain disease tweak (cannibalism)

    betted yet, i'd clone that laughing effect and put it on different thing in the world. for example add to types psilocibe or cannabis, and put that effect on them
  7. Shaggoth

    Brain disease tweak (cannibalism)

    i want just tweak effects, not disable it :)
  8. Shaggoth

    Admin For Dayz Standalone (Works)

    is this (github version) script still works?
  9. Shaggoth

    Brain disease tweak (cannibalism)

    you can get sick from some food and drinks, or cold. as for human meat, it was spawned from tomato admin menu ) we made it for somewhat roleplay ) couple of laughing guys with cannabis and psilocybe mushrooms in their inventory. but twitching makes a lot of missing shots (when you trying to shoot a zombie).
  10. Shaggoth

    Brain disease tweak (cannibalism)

    when you eat raw human flesh, you got a disease, when you got uncontrollable laugh, and when you aim your weapon it randomly shifts
  11. Shaggoth

    How To Enable Heli Crash Sites?

    will there be some loot to? if we activate those spawns
  12. Shaggoth

    Brain disease tweak (cannibalism)

    hi, newbie admin here :) Is there a way to disable muscle spasms when you got that famous laughing brain disease?
  13. Shaggoth

    Can't use sit gesture

    why can't we change those predefined gestures? if i use something from the wheel more than those hotkeyed ones, it's really annoying. maybe there is some way i just don't know about?