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  1. Cafric

    How was your Day(Z)?

    I got into same problem once, I expected having my back against a wall would help when I was cornered by a few Z but it put my weapon in waiting stance, and could not do anything, I could finally move away from the wall take distance and shoot the Z. it seems that having a Z close is like when you want to shoot from windows or if you get too close to a tree, it elevate the weapon and you can't shoot. Never allow a Z to get so close and make sure you can move.
  2. Cafric


    that's what I was so sure myself too 🙂 the tent did not last long.
  3. Cafric

    How was your Day(Z)?

    I did not post for a while. I could not put in a decent play time in a while, a couples of hours a week at most. (sorry Eno life catching up on me and can't get to find time to link with you guys). Since my time is counted I play on Trump Wall servers when possible, reason being that it's fast paced, dangerous and you can sprint at all time (well that reason mainly since I don't have hours to run from a places to places). Since a couples of weeks they have setup EU servers and I started to play there, today what a shock, how civilized this is compared to the US servers 🤗 I crossed a few peoples none even tried to shoot me, even being in area like Dichina army base. What's even more shocking was that I went to Lopatino trader which is a KOS allowed area, and since pop was low I did not care and run into the tent directly to be faced by another player, I almost shoot him, but then lowered my gun, (he was in trading mode), then he turn to me and I expected him to raise his gun (that was the clue I waited to fire back), instead he waved, I waved back, put my G36 on my back and went trading, expecting to be shot but nothing happened we both did our trading and went our way. Ok, now I don't know if that's good or just boring gaming, since on US server it's shoot first talk later, not used to just say hello to peoples. I expect once the population increase there will be more KOS crazy peoples, but for the moment it's kind of refreshing and little boring 😂
  4. Cafric

    How was your Day(Z)?

    Been there done that 🙂 Yesterday had not much play time,, I had a fully geared character on Trump's Wall server, that one is almost always full, so did not play it a lot lately (means 3 weeks), so I took him from Altar where he was in security and run to Berezino / Lumber mill area trying to get Bambi killers, so I was looking for trouble, found it... your dead. Spawned in Dubky parking lot, did not know there was a spawn there.... I spawned as a fire fighter, helmet and all, that strange to me too 🙂 well I started direction Balota, made a stop on the way to fill up on water but did not loot anything, I did not expect to live long anyway, not near Balota just armed with a firefighter axe. Did not take long for someone to shoot me in the forest East of the strip. After that I had 4 encounters, 3 non letal, spawned near Electro, after running around a little a guy approached me, and we spoke, he had a knife in hand so I was suspicious, he wanted that we play together, which I refused since I did not have enough play time to make it worthwile, I refused and he went away (what ? he did not attack ?), I then run north direction Pusta, on the way I see an orange thing in the middle of a field, I approached and it's a fresh spawn, all dressed in orange with only an axe on his back, he was crouched, I tried to contact but he must have been AFK, so I left him (What ? I did not kill him ?) further away I had to go AFK as I got a phone call, being on the phone I see someone approach my character on the screen, guy had gun and all, so I though ok new spawn in 1 minute, but he try to make contact and seeing I did not respond just run away, (not being killed twice today wow). Decided not to run north and take risk so I went to Cherno, was looting the water front houses, when someone show up behind me in one of the house, he say "hey buddy, how are you" and before I could respond started to attack me, I had nothing in my hand, since it was time for me to go I told him go for it kill me. I had nothing of valor anyway. Why do you start the encounter by being friendly and calling peoples Buddy then attack ? The more I play the less "friendly" I am, because if I wait for the other person to shoot first, then I die, I usually try to avoid confrontation, I don't shoot at someone on the back or if he did not see me, and try to leave an area if I see someone before they see me. But I am tempted to go the KOS way since it's apparently the way others play, specially on Trump Wall server.
  5. Cafric

    How was your Day(Z)?

    I have the impression that Zombies aggro more easily since about 1-2 weeks, there was a patch on my Steam install last weekend and since then, I aggro zeds lot more frequently than before.
  6. Cafric

    How was your Day(Z)?

    To whoever shoot at me at Troiskoe mil base when I was not threatening, hope you get lesson learned, shooting attract Zombies 🤩 and next time make sure to kill me, because yes I emptied my fx-45 magazine on you when you where running away from that Zed horde because you shoot me first, any other time I would have targeted Zeds. Then they aggroed on me when you died but managed to get up one of these guard post and after a while they lost interest. Thanks for the bacon cans I got when I looted your corpse.
  7. Cafric

    How was your Day(Z)?

    Actually when I re logged today, got quite a few plum around north of town, and could survive and looted a few can on the way West. I had a sad ending in Dichina mil base, I was looting peacefully the base when I open a barrack door, there was about 6 zeds in there, I closed the door but they got out, managed to hide a bit in another barrack and escaped, when I reach the base wall someone spoke to me asking if I was friendly, I said yes but followed by zed, the guy say we are 3 come the other side we help you. Which I did at the time I had only my hatchet in hand, they shooted at the zeds but I got attacked still so I start to run then draw my sks and shoot at zeds too. Then lowered my sks, that's when one of the guy shoot me. I went unconcious said in the mic that it was not necessary to shoot, then he finished me. Don't know maybe I hit one guy when shooting at zeds ? but dont think so I was carefull to shoot away from them. How to trust peoples ? I dont expect all 3 of them where aggro, only one. Well I will give it a try and still try to be friendly and give some peoples trust because that's how I envision the game. Apart from the obvious PVP area peoples should talk first, shoot later. Re-spawned at lumber mill, few bambis body's around, gladly looted their food and drink and went away, could hear rifle shoots near by. Another thing I don't understand, fresh spawn killing....
  8. Cafric

    How was your Day(Z)?

    Love this game, I like the constant threat, the randomness of the looting and overall the atmosphere, I now have 3 char on 3 differents servers, one on official servers, one on Trump wall and one on a MGDAYZ server. The one on official (the one that lost his pants in my previous post) is fully geared, AK with scope, NV scope, USG 45, 45 pistol and plenty of ammo, well fed and rather bored now. I am scouring area I never dare to go before like western part of the map, now near Tisy mil base, 1st time there, then I plan to go near Airport and get into some PvP at least. So far only one kill with that char, and not one I specially wanted. Would like to try annoying bandits and snipers (will probably end dead myself early on, but that's the game). The one on Trump Wall had some nice start, 1st spawn was near boat at Rify, never been there before so I was delighted, got fun checking that cargo and got lot of gear, then went north to visit Svetloyarsk, got killed (I guess by another player) near the military tents on the road north west of town, but never heard a shot, just suddenly I am dead. Re-spawn near Elektro, I go visit the church on the hill, what a mess in there, 5+ bodies, must have just happened, as I was fresh spawn I did not have anything to loose so I raided their body when a girl entered the church and try to contact me, but I have no mic and actually did not even know what key was for chat (noob..., I looked, now I know), I looked to see if she was threatening but she seems ok, I left and followed the road to Topolka Dam, got killed like before, when getting close to the mil tents, just dead, no sound. Re-spawn at Solnechiy, went west a bit then north near Gozdno, and decided to visit Altar for the traders (my first encounter, note to self when selling a magazine it not alway take the empty one...), got quite a few guns I don't need that I can sell, that got me food, silencer and scope, easy to gear up in that server. Left my char in Altar, well equipped now need to see how to leave without being KoS once outside perimeter. My char on MGDAYZ got different experience, first spawn was going well for the first 10min then I got shot at from a hunter stand, on the way to Pusta, bad shooter 🙂 I got away, got Kos'ed near Staroye, respawn near Svet in the north so I decided to visit Krasnotav airstrip, I was relatively fresh spawn, no hand gun or rifle, just my fire axe, while visiting the south building I see someone running in from west, so I tries to get out of town before he see me, of course he see me, and shoot at me from the distance, I managed to leave. Apparently KoS is also in play in that server, got killed on sight near Svergino. Re-spawn near Quarry, decided to go to Msta and visit the mil camp north of Staroye, on the way (wont say where) found a tent covered with cammo, well hidden, lot of ammo, and magazines, I only took a bit of food and a gun cleaning kit as I know the mil camp at Staroye has usually damaged equipment. Managed to gear up at the mil camp, went notrh to Shakhovka and headed West. Had an encounter near Guglovo, visited the farm hangar north west of town, and when I enter there was a guy crouched pointing a gun at me, since I have been KoS a few time I let my MP5 speak first, killed him before he can shoot. Now I am the KoS a..hole 😞 I need to get a mic, if I had one I could have back up from the door and tried to speak and reason him, well that wont be the first or last time he will die. Anyway not much to loot from him apart from food which I was low on. Finally got KoS'd (Karma...) in the camp with hospital south of Novy Sobor, I stupidly attracted a Zed and got him with my axe, then left and moved to my MP5 and run into a Zed in the bushes, shot him, which attracted a couple more, while finishing them off, I heard a bam from the other side of the road, second Bam, "you are dead".... Well, re.spawn at Solnechiy (I seems to re-spawn a lot there), went straight to the water well, when I was drinking a guy got close, say hello and also started to drink... I say hello (got a mic yesterday finally) finished drinking and left in a hurry, the guy had some kind of mask and that kind of register as trouble in my mind... Now first time in a long time, I think I will starve to death, cant find any food, went to Dolina, Orvolets, Berezino orchard, in-town, nada, got a pump action gun lot of ammo and a sks with full ammo but not a bite, left my character north on Berezino will see if I have more chance later but I dont expect miracle. All in all what I do like in this game is the few intense moments, it can be boring at time. Love it for the moment and did not encounter any bugs that I can call show-stopper for me. Playing with a highend machine so it's on full graphic and it's lovely. Hate night and de-spawn when it get too dark, they need to work on that a little, I like to role play but spending hours sitting around a fire is not my cup of tea.
  9. Cafric

    How was your Day(Z)?

    Had funny adventure the other day, luckily no one seen me running around. My pant got damaged in an encounter with wolfs, I managed to drag them to zeds and escape but my pant got damaged and I started to look for replacement, since I was not too far from Troitskoe base, I decided to pay a visit, I was fully equiped, ak with scope, nv scope, a .45 and smg ready, enough ammo for all and enough food and water and my goal was only new pants. started looting north of the base, nothing available, reaching south base I see some commotion near the main building, zeds, wolf and through scope I see a survivor in the building, I did not want to fight so I stayed far enough. After a while the guy came out of the building toward the tents and started visiting them, I let him do, since he was well equiped I did not want a fight but was ready in case. At some point he see me and shot at me without second tought, I returned fire and he drop dead. Of course the commotion attracted all the zeds in the area, but they were not match to my AK. I approach the dead guy and look at his inventory, nothing I realy needed, he had a M4, me a AK so different ammo, took some food and wanted to get his pants. That's when server went down or my connection dropped ..... Ok, log back in, of course body is gone, so I look in the tents, visit the main building and still no replacement pants. Then I realise that my pants are now ruined, they probably were further damaged when the guy shoot at me. Since I had a sewing kit I though I may repair them (should have done it before they where ruined but did not think about it) removed the pant tried to repair did not work, ok, put pants back on, nope can't put them back on. Now I am almost buck naked in the wood 🙂 hoping I would meet no one. Took me one hour of looting around north of the map to finally get my hand on decent military cargo pants, funny feeling in these moments that the game know what you are looking for and take a point not to spawn it for you.